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Friday, August 26, 2005

Someone check the Weather Channel,

I think it may be snowing in the Underworld as we speak...

For the first time in almost eight years, after ignoring repeated pleading, cajoling, begging and bribing, Maya and Sage have finally chosen DIFFERENT haircuts!

Before now, they would ask for the exact same cut. Many times we would have to return to the salon because one thought hers was a little longer than the other, or some such defect. We tried to explain that if they cut it differently, people would be able to tell them apart more easily, but our logic fell on deaf ears.

Today, however, they strode in to Fantastic Sam's, and without even consulting the other, each picked out a new 'do from the books and asked their haircutter for it.

Different Hair Crop

That's Maya on the left, with the feminine undercut bob, and Sage with the sassy flip. She's also growing out her bangs. Will wonders never cease?

But they are still going to confuse me because Sage chose the more "girly" cut when she's the one who is normally more "tomboyish". They do this on purpose!!!! LOL

Both girls look very cute, as always.
WOW! They look GREAT!
Oh the cuts are adorable!!!
What's with this word verification thing????
They're so cute! Give them big hugs for me. :) Sage especially looks very grown up.

Renee--the word verification stops the nasty spammer people.
OH are they adorable! I just love the new do's! Good for them...finding their own styles! Both look fantastic!
The lovable girls appear to have done an about-face if you believe that Sage was Sage and Maya Maya when they walked out of Fantastic Sam's. They could be in collusion on an identity disinformation campaign. We need to watch closely to see if they break cover!

Cute short people, though, no matter who's who!
Too cute! What sweet girls!
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