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Friday, September 09, 2005

Bake Sale/Lemonade Stand for Red Cross

My homeschool group, the Colorado Community of Homeschooling Families, held a bake sale yesterday. All items for sale were donated by group members, and homeschoolers and parent volunteers manned the sale. All of the proceeds were for the Red Cross to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The proceeds came to over $700, and a local company, Service Magic has graciously offered to double it, so over $1400 will be going to the Red Cross, can you believe it?

People were spectacularly generous. It wasn't unusual to see people give $10-$20 for a cup of lemonade. Others literally emptied their pockets for a cookie or two. One man drove up and gave $50 and wouldn't take anything in return! After all of the negative stories we've heard lately, it was uplifting to see the tremendous outpouring and desire to help that came from people.

That is absolutely amazing. It makes you feel better about a world that so often looks bleak.
That's fucking awesome! It's great to see people helping out so much--and even better to know the kids are so involved. Tell them they're awesome and I'm really proud of them. :)
UPDATE: With the matching funds & the extra sales of baked goods, we got up to $2000. :D
Way to go!! Thanks for doing your part to help. It's stories like this that really touch my heart. I love seeing kids involved.
Great Job!
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