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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Can't hurt.

I'm having a really crummy migraine and fibromyalgia kind of weekend.

On a lark, I decided to check on my symptoms on the internet (the repository of all that's true) and see if there's any new information out there I should be looking into. Well, little did I know, but a great deal of my symptoms are also those of a person under psychic attack!

It sounds a little crazy, but I'm never one to pass up an easy fix, especially when I feel like crap. So, I eagerly cruised on to the part of her article that explains how to defend yourself against such an attack. I was delighted to see that one of the first defenses on her list was something I have in my home at this very minute! Who knew Saran Wrap to the solar plexus could keep people from sucking your life force away? It's so elegant in its simplicity, and keeps you fresh, too!

Since I lacked many of the other specialized gems and homeopathics recommended in this article, I looked around for other easy ways to protect myself from supernatural intruders. I quickly came across the website for Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies, "An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control." I'm not necessarily concerned about mind control, in fact in many situations involving checkbook usage it may actually be beneficial. But, it *is* my head that hurts the most at the moment, and aluminum foil makes for easy clean up!

So, here I am, sporting my new anti-mind control/psychic attack armor:

Foil and Saran Wrap

While this was a fun and interesting distraction, it certainly hasn't really helped with any of my symptoms. I'm sure I haven't given it enough time to work, but I'm getting all sweaty and even Davin, who has seen it all, is looking at me kind of weird. I'm going to consider this experiment a failure, take some triptans and painkillers, and head to bed.

If Davin's looking at you like you're weird, you're REALLY in trouble! I'm sorry it didn't help though (although it looks like you at least got your mind off it for a bit!), and hope you feel better soon! :)
I'm wondering how wrapping your breasts in plastic wrap is supposed to help your head? Maybe that was supposed to turn on Davin and just take your minds off of it??? LOL!
Of course if he thinks you're crazy then he might not be that distracted, huh? ;o)
I hope you're feeling better soon...this has been on-going for a few weeks now...hasn't it?
Julie-I know, he's pretty immune to the goofy stuff I do!

Renee-It's a chronic thing, so it is always there, I can just ignore it sometimes better than others. I'm always on the lookout for something to make me laugh or distract me :-)
You have a very healthy outlook for something that's not a easy situation to live with.

Just remember laugh till it hurts. Then you'll forget about all the other pain.

Hope you are on your way to feeling better soon.
You CRACK ME UP! Hope you are feeling better soon.
I'll have to remember that migraine cure. I'm breastfeeding and can't actually take anything but Tylenol. But will the reflection off my head keep the baby from nursing?
Shannon-Thanks for your kindness and understanding.

Aimee-Glad to crack you up!

Jana-I'd be more concerned about the baby trying to nurse through all that plastic ;-)

I'm feeling a lot better today, thanks for all of the well wishes!
ROTF! Oh my gosh the picture is priceless. I am sorry it didn't work but it gave a bunch of us a good chuckle.
that is hilarious!!!! according to my symptoms the net says i am well...dead :-( thats not good!!!!!
I'm sorry to hear about the pain, but man that picture is hilarious!

You know, Dr. Laura suggests the Cuddle Ewe:

Don't know if it really helps the fibromyalgia?

Glad you're feeling better!
LOL! Reminds me of Fried Green Tomatos, when she meets her husband at the door wrapped in Saran Wrap...hmmm....
Fantastic! I'll have to remember to try this next time I start to get a migraine. I'll let you know if it works for me.
Jen: Migraines are the worst! I get them frequently -- I used to have them every day, but now just a couple of times a month.

Someone once told me to put a cold wet compress on my forehead. I thought, "Right! Medicine won't make it go away but a cold wet facecloth is gonna cure it?" One day in despiration I tried it and -- oh my Lord -- it works! The really bad ones I have to do both Imitrex and the cold wet cloth, but it really does work!

Hope yours go away quickly.
Wordsworth, I've tried that. What works even better is to get in the hottest tub you can stand, and put ice packs on your forehead and the base of your skull. Better than aluminum foil, not as good as triptans...

I'll have to check out that cuddleewe
I know its none of my business, but here's some advice: the only way to keep the aliens from finding you is to make an aluminum foil hat with a point on top, and second, don't ever put your real name in this blog. You never know when you might have to interview for a job.
Thanks for your concern, Cube, I will bear that in mind. Maybe it didn't work since I left the point off?

I'll try to keep my identity a secret...
Back when I was a brand new baby EMT, one of my first psychiatric EMS calls was to a woman who was freaking out because of mind control waves. Everything in her house had a silver top on it, and she met us outside wearing her silver-wrapped braids that were sticking up all over her head, making her look like a 1960's satellite with antennas sprouting everywhere.

I had to keep saying to myself, "Don't laugh, you should feel sorry for her! Don't laugh, damn you!"
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