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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sorry about that...

Didn't mean to overburden everyone yesterday!

Today, for some mental R&R, I give you whatever this is. Click on the curtain to start. I guarantee you'll be humming this alllllllll day :-D

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo daa da a daa da da da dadada!
I quickly put it outta my mind with this!
Casting Pearls - Alright
From the album Casting Pearls

Hey weatherman I don't understand
I think you said clearly clear skies was the forecast Today
(but where did they go?)
Well I'm lookin' west I see cloudy skies at best
And to the east storm clouds are headed this way
(look out here they come)

What good does it do me to worry about tomorrow when
It's all in Your hands so where You lead me I'll follow

Everything is gonna be just fine
You know that nothing can stop me now
Rains fallin' from the sky But my day is shining bright
This love has gone and turned my world upside down
And it's gonna be alright

You're givin' up down in the dumps this life's so rough too tough had enough
All Before you get out of bed
(get out of your bed)
Lift up your head my dear friend this tunnel does have an end
And I think I see light ahead
(I see light ahead)
You're wastin' your time no need to worry about tomorrow
It's all in His hands He will lead will you follow


Why won't you just let it go
Stop trying to make it on your own
Yeah you've got something to live for
This is the love that put the stars in the heavens
This is the love that makes this life worth livin'

Tokyo's finest! Cute.
too funny, but I don't get it....
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