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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why, so they can specialize in "Darth Vader?"

Medical students learn on 'breathing' robots

I'm sure this is probably a good thing, but it feels a little too Steve Austin-ish to me. If only, in the future the patients themselves were "better, stronger, faster..."

Um, I really like the idea!! Take it from someone who was a phlebotemist in a previous life, the scaries crap you'll ever do is stick a needle in a LIVE person having never done it before!! We had a fake arm, but it wasn't the same. I would much rather practice on a robot before I get to a live person!!
Yeah, but it's still basically a fake arm, it's just attached to a fake body. When they get it to the point where the arm flails around and the body screams and yells obscenities at you, it will probably be much better for practice than the old fake arm.
Hmm...point well taken. Perhaps a more Data-like dummy/robot would suffice then--no real emotions, but perhaps some that can be mimicked? LOL
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