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Friday, October 07, 2005

Baby Names

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper wrote an open letter to Kal-el, the new son of Nicolas Cage. Kal-el, for those of you who aren't up on your DC Comics origin mythos, is the birth name Superman was given on his home planet of Krypton.

Check here, A letter from Ga-el to Kal-el, for her letter, as well as reader feedback on what it was like growing up with mundane or unusual names.

This part cracked me up:
You wouldn't know this, Kal-el, being newborn and all, but back in the 1970s and 1980s, there were really only 10 first names legally allowed, and we all had to share 'em. OK, not really, but it seems a good explanation for why I know approximately 8 million people in their 30s named Jennifer, Scott, Lisa, and Dan.
You know the weird thing about being a Jennifer in her 30s? It seems like a lot of us now go by Jen. I don't know many 30+ "Jennifers" any more, there are a few, but we're mostly Jens anymore. Well, there is that one over-exposed 30+ Jennifer who now just goes by J and the start of her last name, but I think that's an affectation.

My daughter's name is Jennifer, but she goes by Jenn. We also call her Juju, but she'd pitch a petulant frenzy if she found out that I shared that little factoid with another person. So don't ever tell.

BTW I knew the Superman reference. Being a fan, I kinda like it for a pet, but I pity the poor child & the Krypton jokes its going to have to endure.
You forgot Julie! There are loads of us (all Julie Anne btw) in our 30s, but virtually NO young ones.
That poor kid! The nickname Kal will be fine though, so I think he'll drop the -el part.
I've wondered what it would be like to have a common name. Mine is so uncommon for my era. Seems everyone I met says "Oh, I have an Aunt Helen" or "Helen! That's my Mom's name".
It never surprises me. I was named after my own Aunt, afterall!
I knew who Kal-El is; the son of Jor-El & Lara.

Is that really Cage's son's name???
for bad taste and for too popular, im guilty. When i had my older son there werent many with his name around. within just three years there was a Dakota on ever corner, and some of them were girls! oops. for bad taste, i named my younger son Indiana. isnt that cute, it is, isnt it. now i should point out, his last name. go ahead... guess. yeah, i really did it. I named my son Indiana Jones. (his middle name makes it worse... Harrison as is Ford the actor who played IJ in the movies) My children will all hate me one day... Indiana will actually jsut have a good reason is all.
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