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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My third Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things about JEN

1. I'm back from my friend Sara's cabin early, it seemed like the kids were getting sick so we cut it short. It was a load of fun and we're all waiting with bated breath for the game "Cornhole," which is apparently going to be Sara's Christmas present from her family. I can only imagine.

2. Sheri at Shades of Pink tagged with a meme where I'm supposed to tell 5 things about myself. I asked if I could just roll it into my Thirteen, hope that's OK!

3. I like to drive. I especially like to drive when I get to be the DJ, too.

4. But, I don't like to turn left unless I have a light or some other protection. I hate it when the people behind you assume you should have gone and start honking, it makes me all tense. Look I drive a minivan, I guarantee you it doesn't have the same "get up and go" as whatever you're driving...

5. I could read before I went to school.

6. Unlike Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, I don't recall the teacher yelling at me for already knowing how to read.

7. I was born in Indiana. When Maya and Sage were born, Davin and I were asked our birthplaces for their birth certificates. Even though I filled it out correctly, their initial paperwork came back saying I was born in India and we had to send it back.

8. Speaking of birth certificates, when I ordered mine from Indiana for a trip out the country (pre-9/11) it came to me stating a birthdate that was 9 days after the one I've been celebrating my whole life. It was apparently a data inputing mistake with the new one, and my parents insist I haven't been living a lie, but it's weird that I now have two legal birthdates to choose from...

9. I am taking a Conversational Spanish class right now. For the most part I'm doing ok, and it's interesting how all of my college Spanish is slowly drifting back up to the surface. Mostly this week I've been goofing off and creating sentences that really don't mean what I want them to mean in Spanish, but are very funny to me. Por ejemplo (for example) before leaving for the bathroom I now say: "Necesito vistar un hombre a respecto un caballo," that is, "I need to see a man about a horse." I slay myself.

10. In college Spanish, we all had to pick Spanish names for ourselves. I tried to act innocent and told the teacher I'd like my name to be Mary Jane. Apparently this wasn't nearly as hilarious to her as it was to me, and she said I wasn't allowed to be called "MariJuana" and that I needed to choose something else. I spent the rest of my college Spanish career being, simply, Juana. I'm beginning to remember why I didn't do so well in college...

11. I also took Latin in college, and French and German in high school. Latin was my favorite hands down, because we got to read cool stories and, being a dead language, we never had to learn how to order things in a restaurant. I always hate that part. French was my least favorite, because I completely sucked at it.

12. We love Halloween, and between now and Monday there's only one day that we're not attending a Halloween party.

13. I start decorating for Halloween after my birthday (August 10 or 19, depending on which paperwork you're looking at), so we've been in the spirit for quite some time now... Happy Halloween everyone!

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My Spanish name was Carmen ;-)

Happy Thursday!!
hey, i just saw on your link that you were back and you even found time for this!!!
i always decorate for every little thing, but this year, because of the weather, i've been putting it off. i'm biting the bullet on saturday, no matter what, and getting the outside of my house decorated. right now, all i have are four pumpkins, not carved, and a almost dead hanging basket that i missed putting out in the garbage last week. very sad.
If traffic is bad I avoid left turns entirely, going right and then turning left into some gas station or something to turn around instead of pulling into crazy traffic.*bock bock bock* (that's my chicken impression). Thanks for linking me.

P.S. my verification word is almost dirrrty. or maybe it's just me.
Your 13 really do say a lot about you Jen!! I like it. The whole decorating for Halloween in August...I can dig it. Our city has "Christmas In The Park" every year. Lights everywhere, that part of town glows like nobody's business. When I drove by the "park" today...all of the wooden Christmas figures are up, the lights are up, the speakers are hung and they are taking donations to pay the electric bill already. They flip the switch the saturday after Thanksgiving...we still have a little while to wait. :)
"MariJuana"?! Too funny...heehee!

I too can't wait till Halloween! It's my favorite holiday!!!

Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog (and reading that I love exclation marks!)!!!
Love your conversational Spanish phrase! My only Spanish comes from Dora.

Thanks for the link. I'll get you in mine now!
Another Thursday thirteener...Wow what a list! Have I never been here before? I'll look around...enjoyed your list.
I don't know how you manage to do the 13 thing every Thursday. It's a lot of work.

BTW my daughter is a Jennifer & her Spanish name is Juanita! She absolutely hated it. When the teacher finally relented & told her she could pick out another name, my contrary child decided to keep it.

Puedo ir a probar galletas de gato?
MariJuana!! ROFLOL! I am so lame I never would have come up with that.

My spanish name in school was "Erica" lame is that.
My Spanish name was Cristina. Nothing to do whatsoever with my real name. Sorry you couldn't be 'MariJuana'. Too Damn Funny!

And, I totally agree with you on the left turn thing! I will take a route that specifically puts me at a left turn light in some places.
Can I just pout? I'm #1 on your list of other 13ers and only one person has left a comment.

nobody reads my blog, nobody loves hoo hoo

maybe it's too depressing? I am pretty sappy.
You've got a lot of 'thirteens' now!
Hi Marijuana,

The left turn thing has been challenging for my daughter since she is a new driver (got her license mid-summer). In traffic, it puts you under pressure to turn, but that makes you sometimes consider turning when it's not safe. I say, LET 'EM HONK!!!

I hope you can find a way to get b-day gifts on your real birthday as well as the other one nine days later. Sounds like a good deal to me.
I used to be called Marijuana as well...but obviously not because my name is Jennifer.
Sorry I'm late in my Thursday 13 comments. I plead jet lag. My name in high school French was Giselle. That's the only thing I liked about high school French!
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