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Friday, October 14, 2005

A-POOP-aclypse Now

Tiernan, who will be 4 this weekend, actually pooped *IN* the toilet last night. This is a first, it has never happened before.

I am giving him credit for it, even though the initial "Recon Turds" were released into the tub where he was bathing. They radio'd back the message that they had not found the proper co-ordinates and he quickly re-oriented his position and dropped the final payload in the toilet.

I consider this a successful mission, and am confident it is the first of many.

well congrats to your little one!!!
it is a big step forward, i think that warm sensation of the tub loosens things up, now it's just to get him positioned for one payload!
Recon Turds. Very funny.
Errr...I don't know what to say!
*clapping* woo hooo !!!!
Hoorah Tiernan!! I think he and Liam are on the same potty training program. What was it you said--it will be up to his wife?? Ha ha, but possibly true...
Hey, if he got it in the General Area Stormin' Norman would be proud of him!
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