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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Watchdog group cracks hidden tracking codes in color copiers

Apparently, even if you don't put your name on your copies, it's possible they can be traced back to you by tiny dots on each page.

This article states:

Researchers found patterns of yellow dots arranged in 15 by 8 grids and printed repeatedly over every color page, said Seth Schoen, a staff technologist at the San Francisco-based civil-liberties group.

The dots are visible only with a magnifying glass or under blue light, which causes the yellow dots to appear black.

By analyzing test pages printed out by supporters worldwide and by staffers at various FedEx Kinko's locations, researchers found that some of the dots correspond to the printers' serial numbers. Other dots refer to the date and time of the printing.
How super secret can these documents be if people are copying them at Kinko's? I'm pretty sure that's where James Bond goes when he...

Oh wait, did they say Kinko's? Hang on, I have to go shred some color buttprints...

oh so that's where i need to go to make my butt prints, i'll keep that in mind;)
That is interesting! And here I thought typing correspondence had become more anonymous since the days of typewriters with quirky keys. ~ Steph (
Or you can just stick to black & white copies, right?
Yes, better, it usually takes a while for the police to get there, and you can make quite a few copies and still leave before they arrive.

Steph, they're pretty slick these days. We all have to be on the lookout, I guess.

Cube, yes, but black and white lacks that certain special je ne se quois...
Gee, with a little luck, Bin Laden stopped by Ginko's the last time he was in town!
(it just get"s more scary by the day!)
WAIT! Post those pics before you shred them!
I want to know who has that much time on their hands. Yellow dots? Magnifying glasses? Sheesh. Kind of freaky nonetheless.
Ummmm..why do you need your butt prints in color? What color are they??

Too funny:)
You know, I'm sure you do.... hee hee.
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