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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Can someone explain to me

why we have school shootings? There was another one yesterday.

What is your theory on why this is happening?

Oooh...I've got some doozy's of theory's but they just tend to lead to a lot of arguments.

I think the new perpetuates the problem by broadcasting it.

I think there has been a HUGE breakdown in families, and I think the necessity of two income families is at least partially to blame. Children are thrust into daycare at 6 weeks of age, for 8-10 hours a day, and remain there until they are put in a cookie cutter institution, after school is out they are kept on the run in a multitude of activities and never really have any family time or time to form those bonds or relationships they need to grow properly.

Oops...didn't mean to go into it.
sorry, that's supposed to say "News" perpetuates it.
It can you young thugs in class who resent being told 'no' by a teacher and want vengeance.
I agree with Sheri. Parents are at fault for not holding the family unit together and spending enough one on one time with each child. Kids need to know they're important to somebody, that they're loved. They need to be secure the entire time they're growing up, or crap like this happens.

I also blame computers and playstations, and lack of parental controls.

It should not be made a national event, either. Reality TV isn't doing anything positive - people are learning to feed off of the bad things that happen to others, and we're laughing and calling it entertainment. :(
I think it has to do with bullying more than anything.
Well mine is not the most popular reason by any means, but when the government took away the parents right to punish their children for wrong doing, things fell apart.

There is a line between punishment and abuse... it needs to be better defined and given back the the family unit.

Kids know they can pretty much do what they want now without much incrimination and it shows in things like this.
I happen to agree with Phoenix. Working in the schools has taught me that the kids know that there are no concequences for their actions. I also agree with sheri that broadcasting perpetuates the problem.
i have no idea, but we had a school shooting in our city this morning as well.
I think a lot of the parents aren't talking to their kids. Engaging them in conversation. It is so sad. It makes me sick.
1. Unhealthy Family Unit
2. Poor Self-Esteem compounded by bullying and teasing
3. Access to guns
4. Desire for revenge
5. A way to feel powerful

Just some thoughts.
As for motive: I feel that it is a lack of family guidance and the way America has gone away from God.

It is passing strange that I should visit you just know for I recieved an e-mail from one of my close friends only moments it is:

Hi All,

You may have heard on the news of the school shooting Tuesday in Jacksboro, TN. This took place at the high school our oldest son, Josh, attended for 9th and 10th grade. Pray for the family of the slain vice principal (Bruce family), and the healing of the 2 others (the principal, Mr. Seals and athletic director, Mr. Pierce).

The vice principal/athletic director, Jim Pierce, is a member of First Baptist where Gene was music minister. He was always friendly and served as an usher. When Gene would go on the high school campus for appointments or contacts he was always helpful and friendly. Mr. Pierce made a special point to look out for Josh also when he was a student there. The 2 injured have been upgraded to stable condition (after being airlifted to UT in Knoxvile and after surgery).

Pray also for the 14 year old boy who did the shooting and his family. They are known in the community. It is a rural community where everyone knows everybody and so pray many will be be drawn closer to the Lord through this tragedy.

I doubt that any of us has all the answers, but some of us have hit on possibilities. Our kids are being exposed to disturbing images at earlier & earlier ages and this leads to some nutcase kids. Add to this mix the fact that one or both parents aren't parents at all, but just older "friends" who don't make judgements or set boundaries, and this makes for very unruly children.
Kids have always been bullied, almost everyone experienced at least a small period of bullying at school, so really that can’t be the problem. The problem is more with the idea that you can solve any problem (including bullying) with force.

… Oh yeah and the fact kids have got guns, what the hell does a child need a gun for??
Blame the parents/society seems popular, but didn't the article say that the family (or the parents at least) was well-liked in the community? It sounds like they were going out of their way to suggest it was a 'nice' family. I think it also said the boy had stabbed the principal previously.. some people just aren't right. When I was a teenager everything seemed dreadfully important, intense the end-of-the-world type drama, if I were the sort to pick up a gun and take potshots at people perhaps I would have...
latch-key games...easy access to guns...a culture of movies and etc. where we are inundated with violent scenes...lousy nutrition. What ever happened to playing outside?
I think there are numerous reasons as well. I do think violence has been a part of our society since the beginning. We struggle to move above the wrongs in our society, but always when there is a solution there is a new problem and we must constantly work on them. We cannot rest. There is so much lacking in families these days and I think it is a lack of love and discipline. I think it is also a lack of meaning and a lack of hope.
Well, I was hoping there'd be some easy answer in here, but I think we're all saying that it's a pretty complicated issue.

Thanks so much for all of your replies, they've given me a lot of food for thought.
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