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Friday, November 18, 2005

If you had to choose...

If you had two appliances that were going a little wonky, say for the sake of argument your stove and your refrigerator, and you could only replace one at a time, because, for instance you're not "made of money," which would you replace first?

Editing to add: I should specify that neither is going to flat out die any time soon. So, it's not a survival-type situation, if that makes a difference in your answer.

I'd replace the fridge first. For sure.

On my way to your map.
I would replace the fridge first. You can always eat out if you can't cook, but you can't cook if you don't have anywhere to store the food!
I too would replace the fridge first since you could always cook with the microwave.
It depends--I have a gas stove, so I'd replace that first, more out of a fear of leaks, than anything else. If I had an electric stove, I'd replace the fridge first.
Hi, It's me!

I'm leaning toward the fridge myself. Not that I'm worried either will go imminently, but I'm thinking that the fridge is also using way more energy than the stove, and replacing it sooner will save more money in the long run.

And, DANG, I'd really like ice and water in the door. I can live without it, though...
I think that I'd have to replace my refridgerator first. There's always other methods of cooking. You could use your microwave more or you could always eat out.
i'd do the fridge, you can work around a stove, between a microwave, crock pot, bbq, i could wait it out. i actually had to do without a stove for two months when we first moved into this house, the stove we bought became backordered, only they didn't let us know until the day before it was to be delivered. it's a gas stove, so to start off with there are as many choices, so we decided to do without.
I would replace the stove first. Even cooking, proper temperature, Thanksgiving, Christmas, lots of cooking.............
Clearly the fridge. You can always eat canned stuff cold. And the microwave was invented for a reason.
some would depend on if you had a microwave.

But I think would go for the fridge first. Unless its a gas stove, then I would do it first for safety reasons.
Fridge starts to cost WAY more than it should when it starts to get old.
the fridge, you can't fix ice tea, store beer, or ice cream in a stove.
refrigerator. Because if worse came to worse you could cook in the microwave, grill or get a hot plate...

But living out of an icechest is just no fun.
Definitely a refridgerator! I think we would do without a stove before a fridge. The kids need milk and mama needs cream for her coffee!
We were without both for about a week when we moved here. It isn't fun using an ice chest! But without a stove, you can always use other methods of cooking.
I love to cook, and with the holidays coming right now, I would replace the stove first.
You can cram stuff into the old fridge until you get the bucks to get a big, new one with all those cool things like egg holders and slots for stuff.
What an unusual question, Jen.

I think a fridge is was more crucial than a stove, so I'd go with the fridge first, too.
I would definately replace the fridge 1st because I have a microwave and a Foreman grill! I use both of them more than my stove anyway.
It's got to be the fridge first, although if you can afford to eat out, you can afford a stove.
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