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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Interesting Article

I wish this article by the Moores didn't use such inflammatory language. It really has some interesting research and information in support of delayed academics and homeschooling, but I worry that a lot of people won't even get past the title.

When Education Becomes Abuse:
A Different Look at the Mental Health of Children

I agree with some of this article. I know that our son was not as ready to start school as our daughter was. He had a very hard time and hated going. His work was good, but emotionally he was not ready to go. I started homeschooling him in the sixth grade and my daughter in the eighth grade due to all the travel we were doing. It ended up being the best thing for our kids. They had a very good foundational public school education, but I'm so glad we started homeschooling them. My daughter would have done well had we left her in public school, but my son would never have thrived in that environment. Each kid is very different.
I agree to some degree with this article. I'm not so sure about waiting till kids are 8-10 yrs old to start formal schooling. Sometimes home schooling is not an option... in cases where both parents must work, or in a single parent family (such as mine). I didn't put my kids in any early learning classes... such as pre-K. Mine stayed in a home daycare that was like going to Grandma's house everyday until it was time for them to start Kinder.
I think that's where I disagree with this article, too. I don't think ANY option is the right option for every family. I like the amount of research in this article, but I don't like how they slant it. And I certainly don't believe tradition school is abusive. Some kids thrive in that atmosphere.

It's just a matter of figuring out what works for each family. The more options we have, the better.
The original reason for public schooling was to prepare good workers during Industrial Revolution. I don't think the system was designed to evolve much beyond drilling, training, and teaching obedience.

However, I do know of many school districts who are starting to take cues from homeschoolers and child-directed models.

I hope it will be enough change in the future. But for now, I am very happy with our decision to homeschool. And I know of many parents who supplement teaching at home. I am just sad that so many first graders are already getting homework!

I guess one option isn't there for everyone--I just hope kids get enough time to play and be kids, no matter what road is taken.
thank you so much for this link. It is now in my favorites, under "homeschooling". I found you through Leanne at intricateart.
. I don't think ANY option is the right option for every family.

Jen, that is just so right on. I love homeschooling and I miss homeschooling my 5th grader. If it were my choice, she'd be home. But she wants to go to school and she's happy there. I volunteer at her school and her class really is a great, stimulating environment. I see why she wants to go.

I have to say that I'm so glad my first grader still wants to be home. And I know my oldest daughter would have freaked out (absolutely) if I had tried to put her in kindergarten.
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