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Monday, November 07, 2005

It's not all bonbons and Oprah

Japanese Princess Sayako needs housewife lessons in preparation for her marriage to a commoner.

They're expecting her to need her husband's help at the grocery store, and she may be assigned an adviser to help her with all of the other day to day practicalities. I'll have to remember this the next time the difficulty of the life of a housewife is doubted.

Unbelievable that someone could not know how to go to the grocery store! Do they just think this stuff magically appears?
Give me a break!
First of all, she quit her job as a research ornithologist to learn how to be a housewife???? OMG, that is like the job of my dreams!!!

Ya know, there are a lot of women out (like me) that didn't know what the hell they were doing when it came to cooking...ya learn as you go.

I just can't imagine not knowing how to do laundry, clean a house, or go to the store.

I think her hubby-to-be will have a period of adjustment as well, getting used to someone who is used to having everything done for them. LOL.

Ohhh boy.
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