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Thursday, November 03, 2005

My 4th Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things about JEN

1. Halloween went well. None of the kids at the door scared the crap out of me like that girl last year. She was dressed as Kayako from Ju-on/The Grudge, and nearly made me pee.

2. Conversational Spanish is getting easier as I learn new words and gain confidence. At the last class, while one of the students what sharing that a mean cousin had lied to her during a childhood trip to Bolivia and told her she was eating horsemeat, I was able to make a joke (with the teacher out of the room of course.) I said, "No me gusta comer caballo, pero me gusta comer caballeros!"

3. In case you don't speak my brand of goofy Spanish, that was, "I don't like to eat horse, but I do like to eat cowboys!" Hee hee! Apparently I'm not safe to take nice places in any language...

4. I don't feel really bad about not remembering my college Spanish. Davin took 3 semesters of Russian and can only remember a few phrases. He can say, "I love you," and he can tell the kids to brush their "zoobies" which is teeth. Our kids aren't headed for bilingualism unless we hire some help...

5. This week we went to a field trip to celebrate the Day of the Dead. The kids decorated sugar skulls and learned about the traditions from Mexico. (I didn't try out any Spanish on the nice folks at the Museo de las Americas, as I was trying to be a good example of homeschoolers everywhere.)

6. To visit this museum, we had to park on the corner where I had my last big car accident. That's a little freaky, even though it was back in 1989. The other person involved in the accident ran a stop sign and I T-boned his car as he flew through the intersection. At first he was fine, then he collapsed. The EMT said that sometimes car accidents trigger heart attacks, especially in older folks, because of the sudden quick compression of heart by the shoulder harness.

7. I don't know if he survived the accident or not. There was a contact number I could have called to find out, but I was too afraid. I was 18 at the time, I think if I were in the same circumstance now, I would call; I've done a lot of growing up in the meantime. I still think about him sometimes.

8. Grrrr! I lost my whole post when IE locked up and shut down! Now I'm typing most of it again, some was saved by Blogger.

9. I am eating a Mr. Goodbar right now. My son, Tiernan, is allergic to peanuts, so we had to scour all of the Halloween buckets for candy he couldn't eat. Davin, my husband, can't digest them at all, so he leaves them alone. So, the girls and I have a whole bag of candy that only we can eat!

10. There's still plenty of candy in the communal bucket, too, so everyone's happy.

11. We ran out Tuesday on one of our errands to buy the DVD copy of Star Wars Episode III. We had, of course, already seen it in the theater and it was OK. One reviewer called it a "steaming pile of Sith," and in many ways I had to agree. But, that didn't stop us from running out the very first day it was available and shoveling even more money into George Lucas' bulging pockets.

12. It's times these that I wonder if there was ever any hope for humanity...

13. Well, for some freaky reason I don't have anywhere to be today, so I'm just going to take it easy. Really, I should be cleaning. If you feel motivational, drop me a comment that will make me feel like cleaning, would you? Thanks.

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i'm trying to be motivated as i sit hear and read and enjoy, but it's not working.
i don't speak any other languages, but i do like cowboys;)
2. I agree. ;)
9. I love Mr. Goodbars. My new b/f is allergic to nuts too. I haven't forgotten yet.
13. Nah! Just relax!

Here's my 13!
I do NOT feel motivational, sorry! If you'd like to come over and help me paint my kitchen cabinets, we could both be productive!

I can speak a teenie bit of Deutsch. And I mean teenie. Guten Tag!
Hmmmm, not too good with the motivational speaking, so I say enjoy your day of relaxation. Really.

And the "Steaming pile of sith"? Yeah I agree, but my husband loved it. I'm sure he will be buying his copy soon to round out the collection...

Here's my 13:
Great list! I will also be buying the third episode... can't have a complete collection without it! lol

Take an easy day while you have the chance!! That's my motivation advice! haha!

here's my 13:
No way...there has been much too much cleaning going on in the blogsphere already today. Why is everyone cleaning??

Yummy, Mr. Goodbars!
I'm sure it is unnerving being back at the place of that accident. It would be on my mind too, even years later.
I took one year of German in high school. I remember very little of it.
If someone gives you something that actually motivates you to clean, send it my way! If you saw my apartment, you'd know that I need cleaning motivation in a BIG way. My current excuse is that I just got back from Asia with three FULL suitcases. But I don't have an excuse for all the clutter that was there when I left!
Here's my list. I'll link you on my site.
Here's motivation...wait, I lost it. See what happens when you wait for it before you do it? I still have boxes in my living room, and we moved a month ago! I did swish some blue stuff in the toilet and I remember vaguely sweeping...something.
ok so I have to ask - what is a mr.goodbar... haven't seen them in Canada...

Star Wars - we went and bought as soon as we could too - I didn't get to see it in theatres as I can't seem to watch the large screens - makes me uber sick... and actually watching the first 10 minutes made me a little dizzy - I enjoyed yoda flinging his light saber like it was a sword at one of the clones... other than that - it was an ok film - I think the best out of the first three - did you know that if you buy the newest released form of return of the jedi at the end of the film where yoda and obi wan appear by the fire - instead of the old darth vadar you know see the young darth while he was still a jedi... I was actually quite disappointed by this... but I guess I should get over it - they made a new willy wonka and I couldn't disapprove more of that - but I'm sure I'll rent that one too
Enjoy your day off! That must be nice! You are funny with your Spanish. That was my husband's major in college. He is always spouting off things and I have no clue what he is talking about. Comes in handy in S. CA though. Here is my link...
I am so so ready for a day off; I can't remember the last one I took completely off and it's affecting my normally sweet disposition.

I wouldn't waste a day off on cleaning my sty, either.
We have tons of trick or treaters every year. But there are no little ones in the house to go out and collest. So we miss out on the after Halloween gorging!
Jen, I'm impressed! You're all over the updating other 13's - THANKS!!!
So, it's already 10:00pm your time and here I am- well, I hope you just hung out and relaxed today eating mr. goodbars...that's a good day.
I'm updated...

:D WE had an easy day yesterday too.
I love how you linked to everyone, that's GREAT! didn't leave me an email address so that I could send you the pumpkin soup recipe!
Damn! I completely forgot to do this again this week. Maybe I'll remember next Thursday...

I didn't realize Tiernan was allergic to peanuts?? How/when did you find that out?
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