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Friday, December 30, 2005

Maya and Sage are 8 today!

Yes, 8 years ago today, we had our full term twin babies, and wondered what we were going to do next!

After what felt like 6 1/2 years of labor, they were born 45 minutes apart. Maya and I were kicked out of the hospital the next day, and Sage (who had a pneumothorax and jaundice) came home on 1/1 with bili lights and home nursing care. She was right as rain in a couple of days.

They had one placenta, but two chorions and two amnions, which meant they could be either identical or fraternal. We started to suspect right away, though, that they were identical, mostly because they were always doing stuff like this:
Maya and Sage babies

We never had genetic testing done, because when they were born it was very expensive, and as they got older it seemed less and less important. I did, however, go through a brief period of time where I considered telling Jerry or Montel I didn't think they had the same Daddy (TMI warning: they were conceived through intrauterine insemination, just trying to help Davin's little guys get closer because the medication I was on caused cervical mucus thickening. There had recently been a case in Holland where, because of lab error, a woman gave birth to twins of different racial backgrounds...) and asking him to test them on his show. But, since they've pretty much always looked exactly alike, I didn't think they'd bite.

Recently, our suspicions were mostly confirmed by our pediatric dentist of all people. She was fascinated by the complete similarity of the girls' teeth, both erupted and not, which is only possible if they're genetically identical. Of course, since I watch way too much CSI, my first thought was that if the girls were kidnapped and we only found the skeletal remains of one of them, we wouldn't know who it was... I've got issues.

So, Happy Birthday, Big Girls!
Maya and Sage are 8!

aw, how cute! happy birthday!
What cute girls! Happy Happy Birthday!
Awwww! Happy birthday, big girls! And congratulations, Mom, for surviving.
You crack me up with your CSI stuff. (Hey...only because I would have thought the same thing!)

Happy birthday girls! Hope you all have a great day!
Happy Birthday, girls!
45 minutes apart?!
Happy Birthday to some beautiful and happy girls. I love your CSI approach :)
They say thanks, everyone!

Veronika, yes it was 45 minutes. I'm still bitter about it. At one point, while I was pushing for Sage every minute or so, the doctor asked if I wanted to hold Maya. Um, I'm kinda busy right now, plus I don't think she should hear this language...
Happy Birthday to the girls, who can't be identical 'cuz I can tell them apart. :D

Just kidding! I do know who is who in the photos though.
Beautiful girls!! I hope their birthday was happy!
Wow, Christmas presents topped off with birthday presents. The baby pic is precious.
Please seek some counseling... NOW!
Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope 2006 is filled with much joy and success for you all.
Happy Birthday, lovely girls!
Happy birthday my little nieces! I'm calling you guys in a bit...

Auntie Julie
Cutie patooties!!

Hope they had a great birthday.
Congrats and Happy birthday to your very cute girls. May they always be blessed with wonderfull dreams for the future. :)

Jen, your girls have the most captivating smiles!!! They are such cuties!!!

Happy New Year to you & your gang!!!!
Happy Birthday Girls!
Happy Birthday.

I always thought having twins would be cool. My wife just looks at me, chuckles, and shakes her head.
Happy birthday cuties!!!!!

And a happy new year to you Jen!
Awww, they are precious! Happy birthday girls! :)
They are adorable! Love that baby picture.

You know, Mary Kate and Ashley aren't identical. I know, I was SHOCKED when I read that - how is it possible? They looked a LOT more alike than fraternal twins could or should.

Ends up they are from one egg which split and was fertilized by two sperm. I can't remember the medical term but I find it all fascinating.

Anyway, came across you from blogexplosion. You have a beautiful family!
I would be thinking the same thing! But apparently, we think similarly, anyway. My older daughter's name is Maya. And Sage was in the top five names for Kajsa. I hope your girls had a wonderful birthday. Eight is such a fun age!
Awww, what sweet, adorable twins! LOL @ the CSI thought. Happy Birthday to Maya and Sage and Happy New Year to you all! :-)

~ Susan
(Found you through BlogExplosion)
Jen, tell my Birthday Buddies that I said 12/30 is an awesome day for a birthday!
ROFL@your CSI comment, I think way too much too. ;-)

Just surfed on in.

I think I saw an episode where the DNA of twins are the exact same too so if one of them committed a crime they couldn't tell which one (not saying your daughters will of course - lol - but don't tell THEM that. hehe)

Anyway, you have a beautiful family. I'm a homeschool support group leader as well in Oklahoma. :-)
BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful girls!
Happy birthday, girls. Late, I know. And you are just like me with the CSI stuff. Although, I don't watch those particular set of shows very often.
awww. happy birthday girls!!

i always say i want twins, i'd love for themt o have that closeness, something i never did as there's over 11 years difference between me and the next sibling up from me.

i get so broody its untrue!
Hey Big Gals... Many Many Happy returns of the Day.. "HAPPY BDAY"....May God always bless you...
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