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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Nativity Thursday Thirteen


Jen's Nativity Thursday Thirteen

1. Since Leanne, creator of the 13, is showing off her Christmas ornaments, I thought I'd show you all my favorite Christmas decorations, my Nativity collection. We use them as a way to make the Christmas story real and to remind us of why we celebrate.

Mind you, this is only what I have displayed at the moment...I think I need to get rid of some furniture so I can put more Nativity Scenes out. We don't really NEED couches, do we? (I have been told this post works better in IE than Firefox. Just lettin' ya know.)

2. Every year, at least one baby Jesus in our home is threatened by some kind of monster. This year is no different. I am certain it is Jesus' Super Son of God Powers that protect him from Godzilla.
NAT-Egg with Godzilla

3. This is one of my smallest Nativities, they are little ornaments, each about the size of a quarter. I like this set because it has two angels, one to announce the birth to the shepherds, and one with a star for the Wise Men.
NAT-Tiny ornaments

4. This is my largest Nativity. This is the only one where Jesus can be either in Mary's arms or in the Manger. Tiernan was 2 months old for his first Christmas, and that year Jesus spent most of his time in the manger. Being the mother of a young son myself, I just figured Mary needed the break...
NAT-big fancy

5. This photo has two Nativities in it. In the larger one, it sort of looks like Jesus is riding the cow's back, but that's just the angle, sorry. The one off to the side is my very smallest Nativity. It is also my only glow-in-the-dark Nativity. You'd think there'd be more of them, but apparently I missed the boat on this fad. Pity.
NAT-with creche

6. It always seems odd to me to have Nativity snowglobes. Sure it's winter here in the northern hemisphere when we choose to celebrate His birth, but I'm fairly certain we've all agreed that Jesus wasn't born in the winter. But, anyway, here it is, snowing on the Blessed Babe.
NAT-Small Snowglobe

7. And it's snowing on Him again. I think He needs more swaddling...
NAT-Large Snowglobe

8. Where better to exhibit a glass and mirror Nativity than in the bathroom? Is that wrong? I did refrain from placing any displays on the toilet tank...
NAT-Glass and Mirror

9. This is a very simple white and gold Nativity. It's one of the first ones I ever bought. It came from Ebay, the fount of all things Holy and Pure.
NAT-White and Gold

10. This is a Nativity Candleholder. This is the first year I've felt safe burning candles down where Tiernan can reach them. The candle is still burning in this one as I type. If I don't blog any more after this, you'll know I should have waited until next year.
NAT-Big Candleholder

11. Who doesn't like candles? Here are three more!
NAT-3 tealights

12. This is one of my favorites. My mom gave it to me, it's made from some really interesting wood (olive?) and comes from Bethlehem. I love how the wood grain is so discernable in all of the figures.
NAT-from Bethlehem

13. This is my very favorite of all time, and the first Nativity I ever owned. My Great Uncle Orrin fashioned the pieces out of wood, and his wife, my Great Aunt Lolita painted and decorated them. I just love this set, and I think of my Aunt and Uncle (he's since passed) every year when I get it out.
NAT-Aunt Lolita and Uncle Orrin


Editing to add: Lisa at The Shizzle sent me over to Going Jesus' Cavalcade Of Bad Nativities. Thankfully, none of mine are on it, whew!

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That's a lot of nativities Jen! We have a bunch (mostly ornaments) but I haven't counted them all yet. I know for sure that I do not have as many as you do.

Thanks for sharing... maybe after Christmas this year (I really think that DH is getting me a digital camera) I'll be able to post more pix.
Wow! Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for sharing them.
Neat idea.

Here is my Thursday 13.
I LOVE the tiny nativity and that was funny with the monster and baby Jesus. I know that all too well. Have you ever seen the website that pokes fun at the WEIRD nativity sets out there? It's pretty funny!

Thanks for stopping by my 13! It's going to take me forever to visit everyone! Shew!
I have that snowglobe!!

Small world. :D
What a wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Carolyn @
I lovee your creches.

Here's my 13:
Happy Thursday 13.

Wow, you've got lots of Nativity sets! I saw a cool one a few weeks ago that looked different from any that I had ever seen. It had palm trees and a different stable was probably more accurate to a middle eastern setting than your typical nativity sets. I wanted to buy it, but it was VERY expensive.

I like that you have a Nativity scene in your bathroom! I've decorated almost all of the rooms in my house for Christmas except for the bathroom. Hmmm...
Wow, I have never seen such a variety of nativities! I especially love the added Godzilla touch :)
Very interesting that you agree Jesus wasn't born in December (or winter). It was actually(according to our calendar now) April. I love your Nativities. Each one with a special sweetness. I love the snowglobes too.

My 13 is up at
oh this was a great way to do thurs 13 I did mine but never thought about using it to do something like this
Wow! Love them all. My son used to play with my moms nativity all of the time, until one year we found Mary and Joseph in an umm...compromising position...since then there is constant supervision. (Okay...and we totally laughed until we cried)
Wow, that is a lot of nativity sets! Here is my 13...
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. What a great collection. I love them all.

I did my 13 today too, drop by and say hi!
add me!
wow...what a great collection but #13? is hands-down my favorite too.

Thanks for linking me 'pre-comment' :)
i'd have to say my favorite from your favorites would be those snow globes, they look awesome and baby jesus does look cold.
i'm playing this week too!
Love the nativity eating monsters!

Trying to Catch Up: Thursday Thirteen: What I like about Christmas
How beautiful your scenes are! I am slightly jealous :)

These are great! I finally bought a small nativity set last year.

thanks for visiting
#2 is such a crack up! (No I'm not talking about #2, as in poo-poo!) Godzilla VS. Baby Jesus.
Love the pictures!

Better late then never right?! :)
Holy Nativities, Batman! I especially love the last one. The glass one in the bathroom is neato too.
Beautiful! I especially love the last one - made by your Uncle.
What a cool way to do the TT! I'm going to have to get more creative with it.
Here is my TT
Beautiful Natavities!! What a neat collectible!
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