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Monday, January 16, 2006

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

It's coming up on 100 years since a tremendous earthquake shook San Francisco and unleashed days of fires, and The Bancroft Library has busily been gathering photos and other memorabilia from all over the country in preparation. The results can be found here.

Along with digitizing images, they've also led us step by step through the disaster, telling us why so many buildings fell during the earthquake, and what measures were taken to try to stop the fire. These included dynamiting untouched building to create a firebreak, which didn't work out nearly as well as they'd hoped, considering they also blew up gas mains in the process. Oops!

Check this website out, it's an interesting place to spend a little time.

Thanks for the link...I will check it out a tad later.
I have a big interest in the 1906 earthquake, and that's a great site. Thanks for posting this.
That 360 degree panoramic view really shows how devastating it was. I grew up in Fremont (which is in the SF Bay Area), so I've been in SF many times.
Very neat site.
A good link. I have been to SF and loved the place, in particular, the colourfully painted residences along the street scape. HenrykM
This gave me the chills. The twisted metal and jagged tears in the ground and buildings. Amazing archive!
I'll def check out that site!
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