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Monday, January 09, 2006

At least no one's coming to harvest humans for food...

I will be away from my computer most of the day as apparently, even though it's the year TWO THOUSAND AND SIX, my house does not come with a self-clean function. I'm still waiting on that flying car and the meal pills, too. New millennium, my butt...

I do have to say cell phones are pretty nifty evidence that the future may not be that far off. Don't you just love to flip yours open and pretend to be Captain Kirk, "Beam me up!" Maybe that's just me.

Anyway, while we're all waiting for the technology we've been promised by 50 years of sci fi movies, you can enjoy the Top Ten National Geographic News Stories of 2005. They invoke the name of Godzilla, so my family is all over it.

I hear you, Jen. I'm still waiting for my jet pack and a robot companion.

RE: those cell phones, I have one! I flip it open with one hand just like the good Captain used to do right before the red shirt got vaporized. Oh, yeah. I'm a big sci fi geek.
I just went through your National Geo link, and I mentioned more thank a couple of those stories on The BLOG. Fascinating.
Catfish story: My dad caught a catfish that was about 4 or 5 foot long in the Red River when I was a kid. I think they cut it up to eat...blech!
My daughter (#1) loves to watch me use the cell phone for that very reason. She's such a Trekkie.
I love your title - Soylent Green is made out of PEOPLE!
That catfish is HUGE! I can't believe it is real, but since it is National Geographic, I will have to try and believe it.

Ligers are like my favorite animal It's a creature bred for its skills and magic.
actually, i believe there are meal pills, but i'd rather have real food anyways.
My cell phone is so old it doesn't flip !
Self cleaning house what a nice idea, mine is self mess making it seems, no one ever owns up to making it at least.
Hm............I have resisted buying a cell phone for years now but you've got me thinking it might be worth it just for the futuristic effects it may have on my brain!
PS-You have once again left a comment that have centered me more.
" Being without children doesn't mean that one has left no footprint, or that no change has been made by one's passing."
So thanks, I needed that!
I want a trasporter!!! They need to start working on that one.
Hey, did your house get all clean? I have to do that too, from time to stinking time!
whoa, so weird! a coworker and i were just talking about the Captain Kirk / cell phone thing last week. "Captain's log, stardate...."

i'm still trying to hold out for robot maids like Rosie from the Jetsons. i totally need me one of them....
I want my flying car, my transporter, and my self-cleaning house.
I don't think that is too much to ask.
So, let's see... We're waiting for jet packs, robot companions, transporters, robot maids, as well as the self-cleaning house, flying car and meal pills.

Anything else?
Do you watch Saturday Night Live? If so I have only one thing to say:
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