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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Can't blog

Playing Toontown. And, when I'm not, some kid is, so there's just no hope.

I need a new computer, not just for games but also because the kids are using my computer more and more for school, leaving me with no computer. Let's hope we get a big pile of money from Uncle Sam...

You can never have enough computers in the house!
we have three between five people and some days, it's still not enough. but i pay the bills (actually the husband does) so i always can kick someone off.
We have 2 laptops and a desktop and I only have 3 kids and still we are fighting over computers all the time. I cannot imagine how you do it!
Wow - we are only two people and we have four computers. 2 Stationary and 1 Labtop for work mostly though. Perhaps you should introduce that Uncle Sam to Toontown ;)
Well 3 stationary of course ;) sorry.
I got a laptop and router for Christmas, but the router wasn't a wireless one, so I have yet to hook it up to the Internet. I'm so behind.
We have four people in our family, and we have one regular computer and four laptops.
We are computer saturated.
I want a laptop. Maybe we can get a bulk rate.
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