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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cemeteries don't really bother me

but I think this really would. Yikes!

Clara Connelly had one foot in the grave the other day, literally. Rain-softened ground gave way, and she sank up to her knee in a newly-dug grave that was near the one she was visiting, belonging to her husband. She...was stuck for an hour before she managed to pull free. "It was a gloomy day, and it was getting to be dusk," she said. "Nobody knew I was there. No car went by. There I was out in the open, doing the splits."
Poor thing!

Poor, Clara! If there were any ghosts hanging around, I'm sure that was the best laugh they'd had in many moons.
awww, the poor thing. what a terrible thing to have happen.
Oh, that's horrible! (funny too, kinda) Poor lady!
That is pretty creepy. I think I woulda freaked out a little. But most cemeteries are very quiet with not too many folks around (unless those silly homeschoolers have a field trip there! LOL!) so I can see how it would get you worried of being stuck there. And then at her age, she probably wasn't in the best of shape to be stuck like that. Poor thing. I'm glad that she's okay.
With my vivid imagination, I would be scared to death...literally. Yikes, I'd be seeing scenes from a million horror movies in my head.

"They're coming for you, Barbara..."
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