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Monday, January 02, 2006

Court TV's "2005 in Crime and Trials"

Man, there are some disturbing people out there. Read at your own risk...

I love Court TV! Most of the stories are bizzare; you can't make that stuff up.

My word verification is sily very!
We don't have that over here in England, unfortunately.
Eek, I'm staying home!
How about the 24 year old Austrailian women suing her mother's doctor for "wrongful life"? You just have to wonder where that's going to go.
I, too, am a Court TV fanatic.
I don't watch Court TV to often...too depressing.
Some are just bizarre. I have to go and read them. I am a Court TV fanatic, though. I love all things crime related. I watch A&E religiously, too. I think it has something to do with my husband being a cop and my former occupation as a nurse. It fascinates me.
Geez, sex with a horse? Murdering your parents? It's enough to make you want to lock the doors and never go out again!


... oh wait, I just read Rowan's comment about "wrongful life." wtf? What happened to the good ol days when angst ridden teenagers just threw tantrums and listened to heavy metal music?
I followed the Scott Peterson trial closely. We lived just outside of Modesto, CA for fifteen years. Lacie Peterson's step-sister, Amy Rocha, was my hair sylist. I was SO glad when he was convicted. I have no doubt at all that he is guilty.
The story about the teen in Idaho that shot her parents to death because they didn't approve of her boyfriend was one I followed somewhat also. I didn't watch Court TV, but I kept up with the story on Fox News as the trial was going on. What a scary world we live in!!!!
Yeah, that "wrongful life" one really bothered me. Disturbing.

Ooh, and a horse? No thanks.

I was really relieved when they convicted Scott Peterson, too. That was a nasty bit of business.
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