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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Have you all been following

the brouhaha over the Oprah book A Million Little Pieces, and how The Smoking Gun ripped the "memoir" right open? If not, you should get caught up, it's pretty interesting.

Gael, over at PCJM, links us up to a book review that was both scathing and side-splitting. Apparently, not only is the author a big fat liar, he's a crummy writer, too, according to this article.

I think I have a fairly interesting life, at least for me. But I know that it probably really wouldn't be that exciting for anyone else to read a whole book about me. That's why I never wrote one. I never considered making a bunch of stuff up and just SAYING that was my life, I guess that's why I don't make the big bucks...

I don't think I'd want my life to be that interesting for all the tea in China ;)
I suppose if you want to write a memoir about your not-so-exciting life, it's good to have an imagination...but then it would have to be marketed under FICTION. I think he forgot that part.
I'm really disappointed in Oprah. She could just say, "Even I can get taken in," but instead she wants to believe him and mislead her loyal fans.
Operah... ophera....poera...harpo..., that chicks just got ta spend a little time with ole doctor fill... plipp .... phlop.. er you know who I mean !!!
Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Peterman buys Kramer's stories to use in his autobiography because his real life was too boring.
Oprah should just admit she got suckered like the publishers did.
I think everyone's life is interesting's all in how you tell the story. Here's great quote I came across yesterday by Tom Clancy: The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.
Jen, if you wrote a fictional memoir, you could write an entire chapter on peeing diamonds ;-)
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