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Friday, January 27, 2006

I don't want to jinx it but,

Tiernan's wearing underwear today! So far, so good!

Now if I could just get him to keep his hands out of there. Is that normal? One hand in the Legos, one hand down his pants. One hand holding his juice, one hand down his pants. Will this stop as the novelty wears off? (Please say yes.)

totally normal. According to Dylan (when he was potty training) it "rubbed" on his underwear and he could feel it, whereas in the diaper it was wrapped in layers of cotton! LOL
Good to know! Thanks!
Well, I only have one son and he is young but I know that the minute his diaper is off, he's shaking hands with "Mr. Hanson". And I don't know why we call his penis Mr. Hanson but like many things, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Thanks for your comment at my blog...I was not a happy camper. I think if I hadn't been so tired and emotionally exhausted, I would have laughed. I had asked him about 5 minutes before if he thought they'd wake us up at 9 if we fell asleep there...I wasn't telling him it was a good idea!!!!

re your Thursday blog, some folks in my cake decorating class were taking it so they could make their own wedding cake. He was also making her wedding dress, a Renaissance confection. It was interesting...wish we could have gone.
That sounds so cool, Lori!

I'll have to post some wedding pictures soon, I have to dig them up.

Mr. Hanson, eh? At least he's polite about it!
So they are SUPPOSED to outgrow that? LOL!

And hey, congratulations!!!
he just has to get used to it, however, i've noticed, some guys never seem to get used to it, they're always checking to see if it's still there.
Oh, Tiernan is your son...
Oh boy! My 3 1/2 year old does the same thing! Makes me crazy! Just a new type of security "blanket" type of thing? :)
I grew up with two brothers and have to agree with the statement "are they supposed to outgrow that!" Apparently this is hard to resist...on a positive note my 6yo only does it on occasion now!
Thanks for all of your input. I guess I'll put up with some "self-checking" if it means I'm finally done with diaper duty.
Of course its normal, remember the show married with children, he always had one hand stuck in top of pants.

Napolean Bonapart, one hand in coat.
Hey maybe yer little one gonna grow up ta be famous.
I hadn't thought of that Jaba, thank you.
I hadn't thought of that Jaba, thank you.
It's a think protruding out there and it must be touched and handled. Little boys do this. Why?
Well, why do they do half of what they do? Who knows for sure?? He's okay. Hooray for his progress with the undies! (fingers crossed!)
Frey is being frey-ed by the media & Oprah & bloggers. Non-fiction should mean NON-fiction.
That's growing up for you!
Congrats on the progress with the underpants! We had girls, so can only speak from experience with our grandson. Perfectly normal at his age, as others have said. Sensitive area = new sensation = curiosity!

Don't worry after a while he will no longer feel the need to have one hand on a lego or on a cup of juice. Those are just phases they grow out of.
Thanks Dad, that's not exactly what I meant ;-)
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