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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just have a minute

Crazy busy weekend (even though we're probably the only people in Denver NOT watching the game, just never got into it.)

Anyway, still researching decoupage, and I came across not just a toilet seat, but a whole toilet!

Didn't mean to drop a load on you and run, but when you gotta go you gotta go! (I slay myself!)

Our weekend has been busy too. I just wanted to pop in. What do you have for me to see????
A toilet with a picture of a naked behind on it. Gee, thanks!

You slay me too!
Gee, if you could go potty backwards, it sure gives you something read :)
That would really be cool in a cabin or something. With the right audience or whatever. But, what would you do with it if you got tired of it? Paint over it? Re-decoupage? Hmmmm....
First, breasts in the 1000 journal project, and now full-backtal nudity...Jen, what's going on? Is your blog moving into a new direction ;-)
There were breasts? Yikes! I didn't notice...

Sorry, not trying to freak anyone out.

I am working on a smaller project I think I can show you all later today...
Um....don't toilets "sweat?" How well does that stuff hold up on a cold wet surface?

Anyway....kinda bizarre!
Talk about inspiration!
That is one ugly toliet. that's impressive! I wonder what's going to happen if they should ever want to sell their house?
You know, I wouldn't have done the same theme to my toilet, but I give her an A for ingenuity.

I think that toilets are actually pretty easy (comparatively) to take with you. But, I originally read about her in a thread at Craftster, and she said her whole house is done in TIKI, and if they ever sell it the new owners better just like my guess is that they've made a number of similar modifications.
I didn't watch the game.;)
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