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Monday, January 30, 2006


Look at these two, just a couple of years from meeting. Of course, they were meant to be together, is there any mistaking true soulmates? Look how their passion smoulders while they wait, seemingly endlessly, for their other half to appear in their lives. Or perhaps it was better hairstyles and orthodontia they're waiting for?

id cards

Yep, these are me and Davin's junior high I.D. cards I found while looking for a picture to enter in The Queen of Spain's contest, she's asking for photos showing love. Aren't we fabulous in that way that only kids who haven't grown into their teeth can be? We met in 1985, so these pictures aren't far off of how we looked when we first gazed into each other's eyes...which may be why we didn't start dating until 1989. Regardless, even though we know our children will no doubt pass through scary phases similar to these, we've chosen to marry and reproduce anyway because we just can't imagine anyone else in the world making us as happy as we make each other. It's true love!

Precious and adorable! Of course, I'm pleased that I don't look like I did in jr. high...I'm one of those late bloomer types.

Re your previous's scary the size of the um material that children can excrete. My 6-year-old has these amazing ones and the investment in a serious plunger is not a bad plan. Be warned.

And congratulations! We're looking forward to the twins' being potty trained. We had a diaper malfunction of epic proportions yesterday...ick. It needn't have been, just a bad diaper or a bad diaper placement. But I get to clean my carpet and find a way to clean out David's boots today to deal with the aftermath. Yay!

Have a good week, Jen!
You are one very brave soul...posting your IDs! Brave and hilarious. That IS love!
Ok. That's hilarious.
I was inspired by your adorable pictures to put one of ours up from the same era
LOL that is hilarious,
Awwww.. Too cute.
Okay, there is no way I'd post a picture of my high school photo. Bad glasses and cheesy hair. :-) Wendy directed me here today.
OMG Those are both from the year I was born - 1982
can I tell Audra to "ah shad up!"?
What I'm wondering is why every picture of a guy has that same "neck out" pose? All of DH's pix and all of my bro's & bil pix look just like that. hummmm

I will have to dig deep for a pix of me & dh together... mostly we have pix of me & pix of him because we took the pix. oh well. You can enjoy my profile pix story on my blog today.
Wow, Audra, I feel all old and used up now.... ;-)
Your man looks so HOT in that picture. LOL.

Don't you just love the fashion of the 80s?
Very cute. I am sure we have similarly styled hair at that time, too. We, my husband and I, met in 1982 in highschool.
that's great!!!
i can't believe you still have those cards.
Hooray for Tiernan again!!
At least you are smiling in your picture. Davin looks like he's trying really hard to be cool.
Yep! Your love was meant to be!
I could never do this.
When I was in junior high school Chris was six.
Congrats to Tiernan!
You guys are like fine got better with age!
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