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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Not a genius moment...

Is anyone else having trouble with this? I know there's a country named Turkey, and I know the bird flu has now crossed the borders into that country. But everytime I see headlines like this one:

Bird Flu Virus Has Mutated in Turkey


4th Case of Bird Flu Found in Turkey

my first thought is, CRAP, there goes Thanksgiving! Am I the only one?

You crack me up! That's a better thought than worrying about it.
This is why we eat lasagna :)
Nah...we don't eat turkey at Thanksgiving. I don't like it so I refuse to cook it anymore. So there. Nyah.
LOL no Thanksgiving here anyway WHEW
I'm snickering over here. Hee hee.
The second title more than the first one.
Maybe we should buy our turkeys now, just in case?
Funny. Never thought about it that way... But now I will.
HA! Oh boy, you make me laugh.
Hee hee. Love it. Now, lets hope the bird flu doesn't jump to Greece. Pack away the fryolators!
Honestly, I hadn't even thought of that humorous connection. I heard on the news that there is one family in Turkey that has lost two children to the virus and a third child of theirs has it also. That made me so sad.
It will take a lot to make me forego turkey on Turkey Day. I'll just make sure it is cooked to death.
mmmmmmmmmmmm, turkey.
i think it's only a problem if you eat a turkey while you're in turkey.
HA! So true!!!
HA HA HA. Get a duck.
I knew I like you! It is something to think about....I guess we can eat ham instead of turkey, or we could have the Thanksgiving Roast, or the Thanksgiving Pasta Salad.....the possibilities are endless.
Yah, I am with you. I need a xanax just to eat chicken....wait, i need a xanax It is a bit scarey. pretty soon we will only be eating pork and beansprouts.
LMAO - that Turkey's having a rough time isn't it?

Not a problem for us vegetarians.

The birds are sick...
The cows have gone mad...

Maybe it's time, eh? ;-)
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