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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oprah, Osama...Osama, Oprah!

Apparently they share the ability to get books flying off the shelves.

However it is believed, political commentary will always have it's supporters and detractors. In the case of this book, I've heard it is pretty good. may be on to something. Both names start with the letter 'O' and both have 5 letters.

Next, Osama will be endorsing the Democratic platform because it is conducive to terrorism.
I was going for the whole Oprah/Uma thing David Letterman did, but that may be too long ago... Sometimes these only work in my head.
Having Osama endorse your book doesn't seem like something to be proud of. So, is Osama visiting the local Pakistani Barnes & Noble?

I got the Oprah/Uma thing you were trying to do.
Bizarre minds think alike.
Sorry. I don't watch Letterman so I never got the Oprah/Uma thing even when it was current.
Wow a huge jump...all because of Osama! Crazy!!!
I don't know if I'd count that as a ringing endorsement. Do you think we'll see him on Letterman anytime soon?
I find that interesting that a big anti-American figure was reading an American book.
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