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Thursday, January 26, 2006

You go, Oprah!

You tell him, girl!

It makes me angry because I read the book and was SO moved by it - even though there were parts I had a hard time believing. Now to find out that there was a good reason it was hard to believe! He made a lot of money because he lied. I feel duped, too!
Gotta love Oprah!
You know, gullible isn't even a real word, but everyone knows what it means when I say Oprah and many of her followers were gullible.
I was reading the book, but had to quit halfway through because I learned of this whole thing. I am so mad about it. As someone who has a recovering meth addict in her family, it makes me mad that he felt he had to embellish when the truth is painful enough!
Rather crazy if you ask me... Even my husband wanted to know a bit. But I think the best thing of it all is that he is even selling more books! And everyone is talking about it!!
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