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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blogger Issues

Has anyone else been having problems with Blogger for the last couple of days?

Leanne mentioned switching to Wordpress in her Thursday Thirteen, and now I'm really having to think about it, because I can't get in and out of my dashboard and comments as well as I'd like. I know they will fix it, they always do, but if Wordpress is more stable it might be worth making the jump...

Gonna cut this short, no telling how long I'll be able to get messages out!

I had a lot of trouble with it on Sunday. It seems to come & go, like you said, but it is really frustrating when you only have a certain window of time that day that you can blog.

It's Valentine's Day! Have a wonderful day! Let all your loved know that you LOVE them!!
I hope you & Davin have some romantic time together!!
Thanks Jamie Dawn, Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!
I've been having trouble also. I just hate to think of moving.

Happy Valentine's Day!
It can be tricky at times.

Happy Valentine's Day, Jen!
Yes. Blogger is evil. I'm thinking of moving too. Making me crazy.
i like blogger, but started a wordpress blog just for the heck of it. i still like blogger better. you can upload all your blogger posts to wordpress--- but, it didn't work right for me.
Whenever I have trouble I blame my computer so I'm not sure if blogger was doing anything to me! My computer really needs to be put out to pasture...come income tax returns it will be!

Happy Valentine's Day Jen!
Blogger has been tweaking something or other. It's been a little worse than usual.
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