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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can't blog, knitting...

This month has flown by, and I'm only a little over halfway done with the clapotis I'm making for my mother in law's birthday. Which, as it turns out, we're celebrating this Saturday. Yikes!

half done clapotis

As you can see, I'm a bit stressed out. I can't do the Thursday 13 today, but I do promise to stop by all of my commenter's blogs after I finish this project...and feeling returns to my hands. So drop a howdy and I'll catch you later!

Howdy! Stop by if you get a chance.

Happy Thursday!

My 13 are up.

Good luck with your project! Hope you get it done in time.
Good luck Jen!!! I had a blanket that I needed to have finished by Cmas...but it's still not done yet! Heehee!
Good luck with that! Stop by when you can. My list is up.
I love the picture! I think you should include it with the gift. :-)

Come by when you can. My 13 are not very exciting this week.
That's my first experience with the word clapotis. I must admit I read it wrong the first time & had to do a double take ;-)

Please do remember the fate of Isadora Duncan & don't make that clapotis too long. Well, it is your mother in law... ;-)
What you've got so far is GORGEOUS. I hope you get it done soon!
That's a huge project. Good Luck!
That picture is great! Your expression tells it all!
Get to work!! I'm sure she will love your homemade gift. Those are the BEST!!!
WOW that is a major nitting project there. Good luck!
oh no!!!!!!!!!!
i hope you get it done, can you maybe stretch it out somehow, so it looks like it's the size it should be.
good luck in finishing your mother in law's present !!
Wow I hope you get the feeling back in your fingers sometime this year !
That is some project !
What an awesome project!
I bumped to your blog while searching for some friends in Bristol. Nice blog!

Oh and I hope your project comes out well
Wow! You go girl! (actually, you already finished it!)
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