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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Add an inbred family and a chainsaw to this news item, and I think it would make a pretty good horror film...

why are they doing this, it can't be legal or ethical
EWWW! is right! Down right creepy and wrong!
Cue creepiness!
That's cweepy alright.
morticians aren't supposed to be harvesting tissue! Yuck!

I told you about my lil' brother, right?
Um, what about your little brother?
I hope by now your migraine is gone.

Secretly harvesting bone and tissue sounds like the makings of a good horror flick. I agree with you.
Not good!!!
Goodness, what is next? Is there no limit to what some creeps will do for money?
how he went to school to be a mortician...but has now changed his mind to be a crime scene cleaner 'cuz he doesn't want to deal with the families.
Just lovely.
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