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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It took some searching, but we now have in our possession a copy of the original 1954 Japanese version (with English subtitles) of Gojira, better known to American fans as "Godzilla." I kept finding the 1956 copy of the movie, which had Raymond Burr added in to many scenes to Americanize the plot, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I was glad to find the first version, which is supposed to not only be a great old monster flick, but a social commentary on life in Japan after the nuclear weapons strikes of the second World War.

So, blogging will be slow today, as we are busy reading a Japanese monster movie. You can listen to Gojira's piercing shriek while you wait, if you like.


Too cool. You'll have to let us know how it is. I'm interested in the post-nuclear commentary. Where, by the way, did you find it?
Congratulations :)
Got to love the real McCoy originals :)

BTW it is that time of the month again at my blog so come along and "audition" if you want to or have time.
Yep, that's the sound I remember. I used to watch those movies. I really liked Mothra.
Have fun viewing it with your kiddos!
i think i've actually seen this, back when i was a kid.
I found it on ebay.

The social commentary goes like this. A famous scientist creates a weapon that can destroy Gojira, but he refuses to use it because if has the capability to be used as a weapon of mass destruction (they didn't use that term, though.) He felt it was preferable to try to kill Gojira through other means, because even if some folks were killed in Japan it was better than unleashing his weapon on the world.

In the end, he agrees to use the weapon, but first destroys his notes. Then, while under the ocean utilizing the "oxygen destroyer" against Gojira, he cuts his own oxygen line, thereby ensuring that the secret of how to build the weapon will die with him.

Since Japan was still stinging from the US's use of nuclear bombs in WWII, this was meant as a indictment of all weapons of that nature. The Americanized version left out a lot of the commentary and "soul" of the movie, and instead turned it into just a monster movie.
Cool. Thanks for the shriek.
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