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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ice Dancing Ruminations

Barbara Fusar Poli, the Italian ice dancer, now claims that she wasn't angry with her partner after Sunday's spill-filled event, she was just upset.

Glad to hear it, because this sure didn't look like "upset" to me.
Fusar Poli
Nor did her storming around and ignoring her partner before their performance. If this is what she doesn't when she's upset, remind me to never tick her off...

Also, when I was a kid, I don't remember so many people switching countries to compete in the Olympics. I mean, sure, you'd get a few people defecting from the U.S.S.R. to other countries and then representing their new home. But this year's Olympic ice dancing competition was chock full of people from one country, skating for another. And I'm not the only one commenting on this. It made the whole event seem calculated and business-like, with little of the national pride and excitement I remember from years ago. But, maybe that was a cold war thing?

Finally, what is going on with their costumes? I understand they're supposed to be free flowing, but for three nights it seemed like it was wall-to-wall tatters. Their skirts hung in shreds, superfluous bits of torn fabric clung to their arms and backs. It truly looked like many of them started out wearing pretty, if unfashionable, formal wear, but then their prom was taken over by vampires and they spent all night fighting in the streets, emerging victorious at dawn with just enough time to get to Olympic Village and skate in their rags. Well, I guess if this ice dancing thing doesn't work out, they can do zombie movies or Thriller.

It may seem like I didn't enjoy this competition, but I did. I found it entertaining and inspiring. But, for three nights my brain had to do SOMETHING while my eyes were entertained by the spectacle, and this is some of what it came up with. I'm saving that breakthrough in waste-free nuclear fission reactions for another post...

Wow! Looks like I missed a lot. We haven't been following the olympics all that much here.

I'm wondering about those outfits too...where did all the material go? There seem to be a lot held up by plastic straps. I hope there aren't any "wardrobe malfunctions" out there.
I totally agree with the whole National pride thing. It does seem more about business and money than what it was originally intended to be however many years ago.
I love the Thriller comparison. Did they just get tired of being the pretty sport?

For me the Olypics are nothing compared to our childhood. They used to occur ever FOUR years. We looked forward to it. The whole experience was magical. Now it's calculated, political and petty.
I was feeling badly for not watching any of the Winter Olympics, so I tuned in for the Ice Dancing.
The night I watched, there were about four falls, I think. I felt so sorry for them all. I did see the one you are posting about, and that lady was MAD AS A HATTER!! She nearly had steam coming out of her nose, and if looks could kill.... well, her partner would be no more.
I agree with you about some of those shredded outfits. The one with the feathers was reminiscent of that singer Byork, (don't know the spelling), when she came to the Grammy's dressed like a swan.
I saw the last three skating teams last night. I missed the team's performance that won the gold, but I did see our team that won the silver.
I guess it's not about national pride any longer. It's simply about winning.
This made me laugh for a few reasons! Thanks for brightening my afternoon!
I was looking at the picture you posted thinking, "Where are your clothes, woman?"

That blog you linked to was funny too. :-)
Yes, there were lots of skimpy outfits held up by clear plastic straps, too. Those were scary in their own way.

Don't get me wrong, they all looked nice in them, I just kept worrying that we'd end up seeing more than they'd planned. Plus, a lot of them were in tatters, too. I don't get it.
I tried one of those bras with the clear plastic straps once. I didn't even get out of the house before I had a wardrobe malfunction... which I'm very thankful for because if it had popped while I was out I would have been so embarrased!
Maybe their outfits are made better than my bra far.
Hey! Did you ever see Cutting Edge? Maybe she is really in love. Hee hee hee.
I missed it all. I used to get fired up for the Olympics, but no more. I would've enjoyed watching the petulant Italian couple, though, just for the madcap hilarity of it all.
The costumes are a bit ridiculous. They're so awful that they are starting to detract from the beauty of the sport.
I haven't been following the Olympics at all - bad me! The outfits are awful - how on earth can you say, "Ooh! I'll take that one!"
A great moment for Olympic Games !
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