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Monday, February 06, 2006

Just in case you wanted to know what sorts of things we do around here for fun.

This is the conversation held between my 10 year old daughter Anya and myself over who owns the toilet (I don't know why we were arguing about this, we have issues.)

Jen: This is my toilet.

Anya: No, it's my toilet, I'm sitting on it! (She was, but she wasn't "doing" anything.)

Jen: Ah, but I'm the one who picked the house.

Anya: I don't see your name on it...

(At this point I went and got a dry erase marker and wrote "Jen's Toilet" on the top of the tank.)

Jen: There, do you see it now?

(After recovering from her horror that I wrote on the toilet, she covers it with a box of tissues.)

Anya: No, I don't see it. And besides, you need to show me that you own the mineral rights for the land under this toilet before I'll give it to you.

I gave up and just used one of the three other toilets we have in the house. Since then, there have been two more notes added to the toilet, with different parties claiming ownership of said fixture. I'm considering creating a flag and claiming it for my own new country I'll start just for this purpose, but that would involve seceding from the U.S. and I'm not sure it's worth the work.

I can't believe I'm making this joke, but you should declare the toilet to be the independent state of Pooptopia.
I love it! Thanks, Trent!
Around here, you've got to take a number! There are four of us, and 2 toilets.
Wacky antics.

We leave our family notes on the bathroom mirror with dry erase markers.
They always get seen since there's only one bathroom here.
I wonder what they'd think if I started writing them on the toilet. Nope, better stick to the mirror.

Oh, I almost forgot. We have a happy face made out of wall paper pieces on the bottom side of our toilet lid. It was put there by the former residents when they were potty training their boy. Apparently, this cleared up his remorse about saying goodbye to his poopy. I guess there was some sort of attachment issue there.
I think it's funny! You really do love your toilets around there. I'm one that doesn't care to use "foreign" toilets unless I must. But, I do share the toilets in our home with the other members of our family.
I'm doing better. The first three days were rough.
I'm on the mend, and have to be mute for awhile. Hopefully, some good results are on the way.
I would never dare write on anything in dry eras marker that I wasn't willing for my youngest to write on in Sharpie (because he'll ALWAYS find one!). now everything inmy entire house would be labelled..."Mike's toilet", "Sheri's couch", "Dylan's xbox"...
Whoever owns the toilet cleans the toilet. That should give you back total and complete ownership and soon.
I can relate. Once you have kids,
you never know what you're going to get. They're sort of like a box of chocolates, only without the chocolate.

BTW in our house, the one sitting on the toilet, owns it. It's a roving type of ownership.
You could declare it a state...and then demand representation in front of the UN.
Veronika, We still have more people than toilets, but that one is the most desireable one as it's the only one on the main floor.

Rowan, That's cute about the happy face :-)

Jamie Dawn, We are way into our toilets. Hope you are feeling super better soon!

Sheri, I am actually a bit concerned about the Sharpie thing, (I thought about it later, sometimes we aren't so good at "an ounce of prevention" around here) but so far so good.

Lori, Oh yeah, that would make it mine.

Cube, That's a great model. It's how it usually works here. I don't know what the breakdown was about the other day, we just both enjoyed it for quite a while though.

Audra, There's a thought! Then I could vote on resolutions as the toilet's delegate. Oh, the power!

sissy and I as kids used to fight over the toilet too
We have 3 and 3 people, so that's one each. But I get in trouble for using Darly's if she finds out. And everyone has the right to use "mine" the main floor tolite. Which is a killer if DH uses it...cough cough cough!

I was gonna suggest the cleaning for ownership thing too. I wonder what age is appropriate for cleaning the tolite? I know the kid on wife swap was 8 and cleaning the bathroom... hummm?
LOL, oh my gosh that is too funny!

I have had conversations similar to that with my 3 girls. I can't wait till they get older and smarter, I wonder who will win then...
PS. You can get Sharpie off with alcohol from a nonporous surface... Thank goodness as Darly used it on my refrigerator.
i'd say it's time to pull out the deed to your house.
Simple solution ... give her a copy of the mortgage bill. You'll be the proud owner of the house again.
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