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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No Limit Texas Hold'em

I've signed up to play in a friendly tournament of No Limit Texas Hold'em. I do not really know how to play this game. This closest I come to actual practice is watching Celebrity Poker Showdown, which if you don't watch, you should. It's always interesting and I've nearly pee'd SEVERAL times laughing...

Anyway, back to the point, which is that I don't know how to play, really. Do any of you know how to play? Are there any websites you recommend? Books to read? A shady cousin who will teach me if I give him a little money?

I don't need to win, but if I'm going to lose I don't want to do it so badly (so well?) that I embarrass myself...

Great googly moogly, my husband and his siblings play Texas Hold 'Em. There are websites that you can play on to practice (you don't have to spend money.)

Let me get back to you on some websites. I'll ask hubby.
Seriously, Jen, I watched a bunch of those episodes (Celebrity Poker Showdown) and I came in second in my first tournament :) I have a hand-held Texas Hold'em game.

Oh wait, go to

Now that I've said all of this, I'll be the first one out on game night!
I don't know how to play. But, if it's like regular poker where you need to have a good poker face so you can lie and not look like you're lying, then I'd suggest you practice in the mirror. They say it's in the eyes. You gotta be able to lie with your eyes.
I sure hope that was helpful.
Jamie Dawn, Ooh, I stink at lying. Maybe I should just plan on going "OHMIGOODNESSPOCKETACES!!!!!" every time I look at my cards, then when it actually happens no one will believe me anymore? ;-)

I'll check that site, blogging miles, thanks! Chickadee, if you think of any, let me know. And thanks for saying Great googly moogly, that made me smile :-)
Im not that good but I love to play. I cant go that night (its a Jd's bday I believe) but we have to get together and do that sometime!
Sorry, I've only played a couple of times and have no pointers except on how to lose quickly.
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