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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Demon's Grave

Sage's pet mouse, Demon, passed early yesterday. Her age was unknown. She leaves behind littermates Meika and Toast, and four very sad children.

Services were held today in our backyard. In lieu of flowers, please go and hug your pets today.

my condolences to your kids. we have our small pets buried in our backyard, we had a wake for them that included the neighbors kids, pizza and pop. the neighbors kids asked to see the deceased, so i considered it to be an open casket service. when they ask questions, it's always best to answer.
Awww poor Demon,our last pet to die simply disappeared and we never saw her again :(
We still don't know what happened to her she was an elderly cat so it was pretty sad.

BTW the pics are up from our trip to the Professors house :)
I am so sorry for your children's loss. There is a really good book called, "The 10th Good Thing About Barney." It is about losing a pet and helps kids deal with their loss.
Ahhh... poor Demon. My pet got his hug. All my pets have been burried in my parents backyard.

How could I say this without sounding, well, mean? We bought two mice. One of them got away. We bought another from a different store. All of a sudden the missing mouse comes back. A few weeks later we had a bunch of baby mice. We seperated them. The men from the girls. Well, that wasn't necessarily possible.

We had about 40 mice at one point.

They're impossible.

I just wanted to scream.

I did.

It was a warm night ... we let them all go, except one.

The original father.

He's dead now.

Poor thing.
Oh, how sad. May Demon rest in peace.
Oh, poor thing! Condolences to the kids. Demon's in pet heaven with the other animals.

We did that for our kids too, when their pets died. We would bury them in the yard and put a marker.
I'm sorry for your loss. Please know my thoughts are with you. I've hugged Snickers, but didn't tell her the news. (She's a Rat Terrior... she likes to chase things.)
Awwww, I just gave my kitty a big hug! I hope your kids are doing well with this loss.
so sorry :(
it's hard when a family pet dies
I'm sorry for your kids. It's hard to lose a beloved pet. I know my kids are still upset over the kitty that ran away in December. They frequently bring her up & whoever feeds the cats, we still put a little into her bowl.

We've had funeral services for the dogs who've died in our care. I think it's harder on us than it was on the girls. We'd had those dogs longer than we'd had the children.

I hope your kiddies mourn well and work through it.
Thanks to you all! The kids are still upset on and off about it, but seem to be OK now.

BSTS-We didn't have a wake, but that sounds like a great idea!

Wendy-We've had a couple of kitties disappear over the years, that's sad too.

Shelli-I'll look for that book.


Brian-What a nightmare! I worry about pets breeding, too.

Jamie Dawn-Thanks.

Ma-That's sweet.

Kimmy-Snickers is a cute name!


Christie-It is hard, I didn't think they'd be really attached to the mice but I guess they are.

Cube-I still think of your kitty sometimes. That's nice that the kids still put food out for her.

Lori-Yes, they named her Demon because she had red eyes. I cried when my childhood dog died (I was married at the time, and she was very old) I can see how you all would have a rough time.
I'm sorry for your loss,Jen. Buck up, though, you have a whole rat pack to take care of now that she's moved on. Be strong. **HUGS**
You crack me up, SD!
When you lose a pet, it really is like losing a member of the family.
Darly hasn't gone through that yet and I'm sure it will be tragic when it does happen as she gets very upset when a pet dies on much so that she REFUSES to watch Homeward Bound because Shadow almost dies.
I'm not going to hug Lilly though cuz she'll just try to lick me...ewwwe! But I'll hug Trina & Trudy later after we get home so I don't get covered in rabbit hair. :D

We are all very sorry for your loss and bummed that you missed out on the Laura Ingals thing. I saw that they do that a few times per year. Perhaps we could go again.
Aww! :( We buried our first pet the day after Xmas - our cat that we had for 14 years. When the kids go outside, they go right to his grave. It's so sad!
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