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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Organ and Tissue Donation

When you get a minute this weekend, please scoot over to Rowan's blog and check out her excellent post on organ and tissue donation. And if you haven't made it known that you want to be a donor, please consider doing so.


I always listed myself as a organ donor, then I got diabetes. Now *I'm* the one who'll need an organ someday! Thanks for posting this.
Thank you, Jen. It's obviously important to me to get the word out.

I really appreciate the link.
I've always been a donor, but one California we could put a donor sticker on our license, but our family still had the right to change their minds for us. When I got my Oklahoma DL they told me it was a binding contract and that once I chose to be a donor no one could change it. I thought that was wonderful. Goodness knows I don't need them once I'm gone!
i've signed up, ours comes with our license renewal but everyone in our family know how we all feel about this.
Yep, my family knows when I'm gone, part me out! Lord knows I no longer need them!
Jen, you rock! Pointing people in the direction of the blogs for these causes. Thank you so much.
We know how important organ donation is. Our good friends were in a car accident several years ago while they were on their way to our house. It happened only about a 1/4 mile from our house.
Their daughter was brain dead as a result, and we were with them when they made the decision to let her go and also to donate her organs. It was heart wrenching, and we will never fully be over the depth of emotional sadness we all felt. The good news is that little Sara was able to help six others because of her parents' willingness to give. They used her organs as well as corneas.
I am still amazed by the courage of our friends, and I know how important it is that we be willing to give of ourselves to help others.
A really good post Jen. I am an organ donor and can't see why everyone isn't. But, like in your link, I think people really DO believe thatin an emergency, Doctors won't work as hard to save them. To me, this has always seemed ridiculous and it never had even crossed my mind when I first signed by license.
Hugs Jen! I know long time no see, I've finally graduated and am now getting caught up with all of my blogging buddies.

It's taking me forever! lol, but it's been well worth it to see that everyone seems to be doing well for the most part.

Can you do me a favor? Let Susan know that even though she's a diabetic, she can still donate a few things such as skin and corneas.

Big hugs to ya and take care.'s your sister and her family?
I'm on my way over now!
Oh, I am going to read about that. My sister died of cancer in October and she donated what she could as well. My parents knew that was what she wanted.
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