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Saturday, February 25, 2006

She loves it!

She actually said, "This is the best present I've ever gotten for my birthday." Can you believe it? Yay!

That's awesome, Jen. I am glad she liked it. Isn't that cool when you have put a lot of time and love into something?!
I can't believe that you would think for a moment that she could feel any other way. That is an absolutely beautiful piece.

But I am glad that she gave you the warm fuzzies you deserve for such hard work.
When I read your post earlier I was very impressed and waited to hear whether or not it would be a "good" present.

Glad it was!
Congrats!! It really is beautiful!
It's absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so glad she loves it!
I'm so happy for you that she likes it so much! I would never ever get that reaction from my MIL...she'd look at it and go....."What is it?" Totally crushing me and any efforts I made.
I'm glad she liked it. It's beautiful! Wanna make me one? ;)
Told ya! ;-)
Your gift was a hit!! Hooray!!
I'm glad your MIL loved it. I can't imagine her not loving such a wonderful present.
Now, go soak your hands to avoid carpal tunnel.
I'm proud of you. I think many of us would've been very displeased with your MIL if she hadn't liked it. Lucky for her ;-)
Wow Jen, that's really beautiful - how could she NOT love it! Nice work!!
YAY!!! It's gorgeous!! :) I love the yarn!
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