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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunrise, sunset...

I think in some ways you never expect your kids to grow up. Part of you can't wait for them to be adults and have families of their own, but another part of you is genuinely surprised when they start to walk, or learn to read or whatever.

So, when Anya came to me after flipping through the DVR listings and asked,
"Mom, can I watch Dirty Jobs, the episode is called 'Sexing Chicks' but I don't think it's about human females..." it was hilarious, but it was also just more proof that she's starting to pay attention with an adult eye to the things in her world. She's starting to be the kid in the background snickering at the inside jokes adults make, when the younger kids are still clueless. She's starting to ask questions, and wonder about what it means to be a woman in our world. And, again, I'm caught off guard, even though I know it's coming, and she's certainly old enough and mature enough to know these things. Where does the time go?

In case you're interested, she was right, it wasn't about human females at all, it was about the high stakes world of baby chicken genders. My kids, of course, were most entertained by the "squeezing the poop out of the of chicks to check inside the vent" method of determining if they're girls or boys. TV doesn't get much more educational than that, does it?

Sounds delightful!
Oh yuck! I've watched that show before. It doesn't get much better...the show - not shows in general.

I remember when Maya started to get our jokes. Chris and i didn't know what to do. We censored ourselves for a while. But then we brought them on full force. After a weird bit of time, we found a happy medium.

Now she groans, leaves the room, or pretends like she doesn't hear us. Every once in a while, she'll chime in. This usually just leaves us standing there with blank looks on our faces.

I think she finds that to be quite fulfilling.
My son and my dad like that show. My dad says the host is a riot. I watched an episode awhile back and they were cleaning up tons of backed up sewage out of a lady's basement. It was... interesting.

Anya's a smartie!

It seems unreal to me that my kids will be having birthdays this spring and be 16 & 18. It can't be!!
I'm sure she does! That's hilarious!

Hi, Jane!
Hey, I'm all for educational TV. I love the Science Channel.

I have a theory about our kids... maybe if we stop feeding them, they'll stop growing up so fast. Hmmm?
Jamie Dawn, it's really not too bad, but some episodes are more stomach turning than others.

Cube, I'm pretty sure there are legal and moral ramifications to your suggestion... It would probably work, though.
I feel so enlightened now...thank you! Heehee!!!
Wow. No, it surely doesn't!

I remember one of the "sex talks" I had with the big girls. They are bigly into dogs and horses, respectively, and have spent hours pouring over their breed encyclopedias and learning breed characteristics. (The fact that we have breed encyclopedias for preteens should clue you into our innate geekiness.)

Anyway, they said something about sex and I said, "Well, what's that?" They looked at me and said, "Mom! It's like mating...only for humans." I thought, well my work here is done. It's not but it was perfectly adequate for that point in time.
That's hilarious! Reminds me of some things my kiddo has learned with Animal Planet, LOL!
that just doesn't seem right at all
Darly loves that show! The grosser the better. Sometimes I have to explain things to her, others she either understands enough or doesn't get enough to worry about it.
DH hates that the host has such a foul mouth and they are always bleeping him...I think there are quite a few more words in his dictionary that should be bleeped.
We also watch a lot of Mythbusters! Try explaining the using 7up as birth control! She didn't ask, so I didn't tell...but it's coming.
My son, 11, is starting to show that he knows what we are talking about. I don't know what to do about that. It makes it hard to have a conversation with my husband sometimes. Not that we speak in innuendo all the time, but...
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