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Thursday, February 09, 2006

This and That

According to this article Bottled Water: Nectar of the Frauds?, up to 40 percent of bottled water begins as regular tap water somewhere, sometimes with added minerals. It also goes into the enormous expenditure of fossil fuels involved in transporting the water, recycling the relatively small amount of bottles that are recycled, and of course dealing with the vast amount of waste generated. Something to think about.

Also, how messed up is this? Injured Soldier Made to Pay for Body Armor
First Lt. William "Eddie" Rebrook IV, 25, had to leave the Army with a shrapnel injury to his arm. But before he could be discharged last week, he says he had to scrounge up cash from his buddies to pay $632 for the body armor and other gear he had lost.

Rebrook, who graduated from West Point with honors, said he was billed because a supply officer failed to document that the vest was destroyed as a biohazard. He said a battalion commander refused to sign a waiver for the vest, saying Rebrook would have to supply witness statements to verify the vest was taken from him and burned.
There's a fine thank you for this man's years of service, and the physical sacrifice he's made. What were they saying about recruitment being down? I wonder why that might be?

I'm skipping the Thursday Thirteen this week, I just feel too crummy to follow up on reading and linking to everyone and since I don't like it when people do that to me I'll just wait until I feel better. Don't forget to scroll down one post to read about Thank Your Fairy Blogmother Week!

There's one water that defies the tap. It's called McKenzie Mist and it tastes like it came from a mountain stream.
They never said the bottled water doesn't taste good. The question was whether it was a good use of resources, especially when the money, spent elsewhere, could provide a better water infrastructure for much of the world.
Ohhhh feel better soon dear!

That article is preety messed up! Geez, why should HE have to pay...argh!
My youngest has a cold, so it's only a matter of time before I get it too. I'm washing my hands every 5 minutes with tap water ;-)

Hope you feel better soon.
I'm sorry you feel so badly...I hope you feel better soon.

I agree about the body armor thing. Then I remembered how screwed up the AF is and didn't even doubt that the Army had done that. I guess he should be pleased that they didn't charge him for hospital care.
Aww...hope you feel better soon!

That soldier story is so sad. :(
Hope you get to feeling better!
Thanks everyone, it's just a stupid cold that's compounded by the fact that Tiernan has the same one and has been up coughing a lot so we're not sleeping...
Hope your house is better soon. I'll let you off the TT hook, but ya gotta Come see the answers to your questions! fefyfomanna: You're questions Answered here on today's Thursday 13!
That's army lunacy!
I read an article about this years ago. I DO buy spring water (real water from a spring, not PURIFIED water), but only in the summer when I have a hard time keeping myself and the kiddos hydrated. We leave it in the car so if we forget to bring our water that day, we're fine.

I never understood buying purified water, though...i get that from my fridge ;)
I guess just installing a water purifier on your faucet is the way to go. Our refrigerator has a water line that runs through a filter before dispensing what's supposed to be clean drinking water to my family.
I hope it's doing it's job.

I sure hope you feel better soon. I just came from another two blogs where they are sick, one with an ear infection and the other with a bad headache.

The trouble surrounding that soldier is a disgrace.
I hope someone in power realizes how stupid it is to charge him for the destroyed body armour.
i buy bottled water, actually more bottled water than pop.
hope you're feeling better, misses you at the tt this week.
Hope you feel better soon.
{{{Jen}}} Hope you feel better soon!
I'm sorry you're not feeling well!

It's pretty standard for soldiers to have to reimburse for equipment they are issued and do not turn in. Imagine what our deficit would be if they lost or kept (stole) some of the things they're issued - that stuff is really expensive. Not that I don't feel bad for the guy - but he should have made sure it was documented as destroyed. That's standard operating procedure. I just wish it weren't spun in such a way that our Government look like a bunch of jerks - it would have happened regardless of who was in office, and I'm sure it's not the first (and won't be the last) time it's happened.

My hubby was "strongly urged" upon returning home that he was to attend a ball (read: drunkfest), and you know what? He was supposed to buy a $1500 hat to wear with his uniform. Yeah, right. We didn't attend. I'm just glad it wasn't mandatory, because he could have gotten reprimanded for not purchasing that hat & attending the ball.

Welcome to the US Military! ;P
Leanne, I know how the military works, having witnessed it through the eyes of much of my family. But this is messed up even by military standards. Was he supposed to stop lifesaving measures and get a receipt while they were medevac'ing him from the front? And why wouldn't his battalion commander give him a hand? That's messed up. And why cash on the spot, couldn't they have whacked his last check, thereby letting him get home and have time to sort it out?

I'm not surpised it happened, but I still say it was jacked up.
I buy bottled water and keep it in the car. I have such a hard time staying hydrated. It's just not easy for me to remember to drink the stuff. For more info on that, you can check your peepee post. BTW: Congrats on the potty training successes.

I didn't do T13 either. I was too busy studying for my boards to even come up for air. I hope you are feeling better, now.
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