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Saturday, February 11, 2006

This just made me happy

Hurricane Katrina Stokes Mardi Gras Satire

Armed with sharp tongues and images such as the blue tarps that still protect broken roofs across the city, the clubs that stage Mardi Gras parades are targeting Hurricane Katrina and the politicians they blame for the chaotic response to the catastrophe...

Floats and props built for the Saturday evening parade in the French Quarter included hand-pulled carts elaborately decorated with blue tarps, fake broken levees, cardboard travel trailers and effigies of Mayor Ray Nagin and Gov. Kathleen Blanco.

One display asked France to buy Louisiana back, suggesting the state might get better treatment than it has from the American government. And in place of a parade map, the Krewe du Vieux had a "projected path" adorned with a swirly hurricane symbol.
I had wondered if New Orleans would be ready for Mardi Gras, only six months after Katrina, and it looks like they're back and with their humor intact! You go, New Orleans, my hat is off!

Ha! Well good for them!
Yay for New Orleans.

I love the appeal to France. That's priceless.
I think the down town was not in all that bad of shape...but the business owners would have fixed everything themselves to make sure the biggest money maker of the year happened.

I should post the pix of the boat in the drive thru that Tom got.
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