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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And it makes me wonder....

Have you ever come across something in your life that you'd forgotten, and then when you're reminded of it every detail of the event plows right into the forefront of your brain like it'd been there all along? I had an experience like that tonight.

I heard this song originally on a rottenly cold night around a campfire at a local Rainbow Gathering, probably in 1989 or so. An older guy scooted up to the circle, alone, pulled out a guitar and started to play. He merely tuned the strings at first, then played some chords. After a while his strumming coalesced into a quiet and haunting version of the intro to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. We all sat silently, not wanting to interrupt.

In the dark of the moonless night, his music wove its way through the trees, calming our shivering. That is, until he started singing, and the words were "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale..." The entire assembled body of freezing, weary hippie-kids EXPLODED into laughter. I, for one, fell into silent, painful convulsions, punctuated occasionally by screeches and snorts. Yes, I am that attractive.

Being the products of television-run households, we all sang along. You can sing along, too! I don't remember what I was looking for, or how I wended my way through cyberspace to find this site, but but here it is: Stairway to Gilligan's Island. Enjoy!

Well, you know how some people have selective hearing...I have selective remembering! LOL
I had never heard that before! That is pretty funny!
I too have never heard of that song before!
I still haven't heard it 'cause the record player wouldn't come up out of the recesses of the blogosphere.
I can't believe 1)that song made it past my college geek years and 2)someone else has heard it!

Thanks for the memories. I have to go join classmates now and find my musiclab friend, Jeremy Whiting. We used to make fun of this other kid who sang this song in lab.

Ah...Good times.
I have now spent an hour searching for him. I found him in Kansas.

So now what? Wish I could just email him the song and see if he gets it.

But I won't.
Wow, SD, it sounds like there's a story there!

cube, oh no! Keep trying!

Trinity, Shelli, glad you liked it!

harmonia, I like selective remembering. I wish I had better control over it, though...
What a great memory.
That is very creative. I can see how you would have found that to be hysterical...especially at a gathering.
I had to do a lot of explaining to DD who just wasn't getting it...until I sang "and she's buying the stairway to heaven..." right after the computer sang out "and they're here on Giligan's Isle..."

Then she kinda got it, but I dont' think that she'll ever truely understand. Oh well, mom gets to be crazy again...what else is new.
Fun memory! My son plays Stairway to Heaven on his acoustic guitar. I think EVERY guitar player plays that song. It's like an initiation.
I was just singing the theme to Gilligan's Island the other day! That's funny!
I just played this for my hubby & son.
Very neat. They'd never heard it either.
That's too funny!

My hubby is always singing the words to Gilligan's Island to the tune of Amazing Grace. And vice versa.
That was funny. We played Stairway to Heaven in band so much I hated it.

The best part was when my husband said, "Is this a spoof or something?"
That is hysterical. All ready for Stairway and getting Gilligan's Island. Awesome
Music makes me remember. So does a perfume. Or clothes left in the closet from last winter. I love when you find a dollar in the pocket of an old coat.
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