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Friday, March 10, 2006

Bodyworlds is here!


We'll go in a couple of weeks when it's not quite so busy, but it's hard to wait! The kids have been scouring the article in the museum newsletter, and they're so excited.

I'm so glad that Denver was chosen to host this exhibit!

Editing to add:
This is the IM conversation Davin and I had when he saw my blog and asked when we should plan to go....

Jen: I don't know. It opens today and I think it might be better to go when there is a better body-on-display to live-people ratio.

Davin: Yes, but if the dead outnumber the living our odds in case of re-animation are worse. But you're probably right...I bet it's packed for weeks.

Re-animation of the bodies. Cool. Just make sure if they do come to life while you're there, remember you have to destroy the head. Nothing else kills the living dead.

Do we watch too much horror? Heck, yes ;-)
Yes, we will be sure to bring implements to either destroy the head or sever it from the body. Do you think they'll notice?
I am so jealous. Did I tell you that my dad was a pathologist. Growing up, when we couldn't get a babysitter, he'd just take us with him to work. The best were the post-mortem days.

Maybe that's where my fascination with kineseology came from. I hope they [BODYWORLDS] come to Phoenix some time.

Oh, and if you happen to forget your implements of undead wacking, you should just be able to slam their heads into the wall until they dislodge. So no worries.
Wow, Rowan, that's cool! If I have any pull (which I don't, but if I did) I'll have them go to Phoenix next.

Head-slamming, I'd forgotten that. Good thinking!

Maybe I can utilize objects that will already be there, like squeezing their heads off with the velvet ropes that make people stand back? Ooh, and those posts that hold the ropes up should be useful, too.

You guys are very helpful!
LOL! your DH is such a hoot! my dh is too chicken to go... can I go see it with your family? :D

Darly & I are both excited to see it, but yeah... we're going after the hub bub goes down... although when we went to see grossology on the last week it was crazy.

We also need to do the Hall of Life when it isn't crazy...last time we barely go to do any of the stuff in there, even the old stuff.
Yep, you are bonafide geeks.
But, hey, there's nothing wrong with that!
What a field trip that is going to be!!!
Oh the zombie jokes that go on in this house too. We like those zombies
ok, am i the only one who thinks that is just kind of... icky? seems to be. i'm ok with that! I mean, i have a renewed appreciation for the concealing power of skin.
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