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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do you have change for a billion?


U.S. Customs agents in California said on Tuesday they had found 250 bogus billion dollar bills while investigating a man charged with currency smuggling...The counterfeit money looked good, but there was one flaw. There's no such thing as a one billion dollar bill.

"You would think the $1 billion denomination would be a giveaway that these notes are fake, but some people are still taken in," said James Todak, a secret services agent involved in the probe.
How do you even GET taken in by this? Even if you wanted to, could YOU break a billion dollar bill? How exactly does this scam work? Who's falling for this?

Um, not me!
maybe they're shopping at the Everything's a Billion store. No change necessary.
This story makes no sense.
I sure wish I could make change for a billion.
Chris said, "Old people." Apparently there was a little od lady who took her million dollar bill into WallMart to try to cash it. Evidently she had paid huge sums of money to get this bill.

I use to work in a bank and one time we got xeroxed 20 dollar bills from a business deposit. It was an obvious fake!

So, I guess if a xeroxed 20 can fool someone....

One born every minute.
What a bunch of maroons!
Ha! I just read holymama's comment ;)

Who is this crazy person? Dr. Evil? Crazy! (wish I had one of those bills!)
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