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Monday, March 20, 2006

Grrrr, Blogger!

Has anyone else been having an inordinate amount of problems over the last couple of days? This time it would only display part of my page. Make me crazy. I need to get onto another system...

I missed you. I could only see your blogroll and your archive link list. I could view your posts through bloglines, but wanted to comment.

Whiskey was talking about bogger today,too. I posted my frustration a few days ago.
Yes! It is so annoying! check out when you are having problems. Sometimes they actually list what is going on.
Yesterday I couldn't even access your blog!
I hear ya!!! I couldn't even see my blog yesterday and this morning. All I got was a white screen...what a pain!!!
Yes. Yes. And Yes. May blogger burn in heck. HECK I SAY!
i love typepad, if you're really looking!
When I can't see my own blog (white screen, as trinity13 described), I find once I republish it, it's fine. Sometimes when I have trouble uploading photos, I clean out my cookies and I'm good to go again.

Who knows...I'm just a cat.
I had the same luck. I only saw your archive list and your blogroll. I wondered if you did move and I was just seeing the wadded papertowels on the empty floor after the move-out.

Glad you are all ok.
I have read 2 other blogs today that had the same complaint. Boy if blogger doesn't fix their problems, they're going to lose a lot of customers. I know this isn't the first time in recent history where there has been technical difficulties.
Blogger was actually behaving for me but not a lot of others, weird.
I've been told that this is what happened.
oh yeah!!!
I just saw that Rowan says that she can see your blogroll and archive list. I never see those things. Where are they? All I can see are your posts and your header.
I saw the same thing Rowan saw and figured you were having problems.

Maybe they are working on your server and you will be fine now.

Wishful thinking!
Yep, you were forbidden for days.
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