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Monday, March 06, 2006

I no longer have a Tiernan

This is how conversations with my son go these days:

Me: Tiernan, can you...

Tiernan: I'm Superman.

Me: Superman, can you take your plate to the sink?

Tiernan: Ok, mom.

Superman is fine with me. It wasn't long ago that he wanted to be "Naughty Noo Noo," which was actually a little embarrassing to have to yell when you were trying to stop him from running in the the street. At least "Superman" makes him sound like he has some pride.

Truth, Justice, the American Way, using the potty and all that.


As long as he doesn't tie a towel around his neck and jump out the window...good for him. You gotta love the self-confidence.
Awww. We've got some friends who have a little boy who was big into the super hero thing when he was about 4. We were over at their house one day when the boy made the earth-shattering discovery that despite being a super hero and wearing the cape, he could NOT fly. OMG, he cried! It was so sad!
Yeah, except that I'll bet you get some funny looks calling him Superman too. :-)
I Love that kids find someone to emulate and then run with it.

Dylan was superman. Madi was Belle (Beauty and the beast) for 3 months. I don't recall who Gavin was. But my favorite of all...

Ethan IS currently "Super Gavin".

Guess he really does adore his brother.
My girls went through the superhero and Power Rangers phase too. I miss those days.
Darly never did that....hummm She didn't want to be a few nicknames that DH tried to use, but she never wanted to be someone else...yet.
Her Gym teacher said that she thought Darly's name should be Stephanie but I told Darly to tell her the "Stephie" story about why that isn't her name.
Yeah, when Ethan was into the rescue heroes, he asked to be called Ethan Lava. No problem.
Superman, huh? Not Superboy. That kid has moxy.
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