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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's our anniversary!

Big 14!

I found an alternate listing that says that the gifts are:
Traditional Anniversary Gift: Ivory
Modern Anniversary Gift: Gold
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Africa
Seriously, Africa? Did you realize there were travel anniversary gifts? According to this, we're way behind and should have been to New York, Paris and on a cruise, etc by now. Does anyone actually do this?

Well, I've got to go pack for a safari, I guess. I hope you all are having a wonderful March 14th!

I love you, Davin!

Happy anniversary. Hope you have a fantastic day!!
Well it looks like we are way behind on our travel but we have come very far in 14 years anyway! And it has been a trip that I cannot imagine doing with anyone else. I love you!
Happy Anniversary!!! Your gift is in the mail! :-)
WoW! Happy Anniversary!!! :)
Happy Anniversary! I'd like to send you a virtual pie for pi day!
Great, I get luggage.
As though I didn't already have enough baggage.

Happy anniversary! I hope you enjoy Africa.
Hmmm. I guess we're behind too. We went to Africa for our 16th anniversary.

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!
Happy anniversary!

And can I suggest that you do go on safari? It's an amazing experience. I can particularly recommend the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and the Ngorogoro Crater and Serengeti in Tanzania - especially if you get the chance to camp out whilst you're there... An experience you'll never forget.
Happy anniversary to the Horde.

Are you vurfs?

Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary to YOU!!!!

My hubby & I are way behind on the travel too. Oh, well...

I hope you get to do something special.
Happy anniversary :)
Well after I counted up from 97 I realized it's our 9th wedding anniversary in May ;) This means:
Traditional Anniversary Gift: Pottery
Modern Anniversary Gift: Leather
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Mexico

OOOOH....leather! Even better, leather in Mexico! ;)
Forgot to add:


It really is a rare and wonderful thing to be together for so long!
Happy anniversary. What a sweet thing Davin said! God bless you guys.
Thanks everyone, and especially thanks to Davin. That is so sweet!
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