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Friday, March 31, 2006

Just thinkin'

Today, New York City is releasing the contents of the 911 calls made from inside the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11.

In an interview, one father explains why he chose to listen to the call his son made.

"I thought I owed it to him," Joe Hanley said. "You gotta say, 'Hey, let me hear your last words."
I can understand that.

What would you do if you knew your child's words were out there somewhere? Would you want to hear them? What if you knew, like this situation, they were under stress when they made them, maybe scared or in pain? Would that change your answer?

I think I'd want to hear them. Just knowing myself like I do, even if the call transcription was horrifying, I'd be able to deal with that better than WONDERING what was in the call. And, it might be calming in a way.

That's just me, though. How do you see this?

I would def listen to it! I think it would allow me to have closure.
I would feel better knowing what was going on and said. It's easier to deal with the known facts than the imagined wonderings and guessing. I lost my brother years ago when he was hit by a car and one of the hardest things in not knowing what he was thinking and feeling. They can tell you that it happened so fast and he didn't feel anything but if I had a recodring of what was actually going on and going through his mind it would be alot easier to deal with then the constant guessing that you automatically do. I'm glad they are finally releasing the tapes so that the living loved ones can find out some actual knowledge and finally stop the wondering and what-ifs (at least for that part of the tragic events).
Yes, I'd want to hear. I saved my mother's and my mil's messages on my answering machine after they died. It's sad but then so am I.
Jeez, I don't know. Having lost someone to a tragic accident, I just don't know.

Seeing the car and her in the hospital was enough, to listen to her screams....I don't think so. I choose to believe she never saw it coming....
Nancy, that brings up a point I hadn't thought of. I can understand that, too.

Trinity, Harmonywolf and Lori, thanks so much for sharing.
thanks for coming by my blog, Jen. I am glad to find yours. You are proposing an interesting question today. I think I would HAVE to listen.
I would want to hear it. It would be so painful, but I think it would be more painful to not listen to the words. It would end up being a comfort, I think.
i would want to hear it. i'm sure it might not be easy to listen to, but i'd still want to have the chance to hear it. those last words haunting me forever are nothing compared to what each one of them must have gone through.
I think that I might prefer to read a transcript of it...depending on the situation of course. If it was a tragic accident like that, I would want the transcript...and if I felt okay with what I read, I might want to hear it later.

It's so hard to know what you would really want or do in that situation though.

now i've got a question for you...
I would want to. It woudl take a while to build up teh confidence to hear it.. but I would want to have the opportunity to do so....
I agree. In fact, after the difficulty of the first hearing; I'd probably become obsessive about it. I'm that way. If it hurts, I always feel a compulsion to revisit it until I can desensitize myself. That's probably not very healthy...but it seems to be my pattern.
I am sure it would be completely heartbreaking, but I would listen to it.
I don't think I would want to know 5 years after the fact.

After five years you start to calm down a little. There are no more "first times" to worry about, ie: first christmas without them, first birthday without them etc etc.

You would have fought with almost all the demons and started to move on and then suddenly your whole world is turned upside down again over a frantic call minutes before your loved one's death.

No. I'd rather not know and remember the person from the last time I saw them and let the dead and buried rest in peace.
Wow, you all have brought up such interesting points, and this has been a fascinating discussion. I totally understand how someone could choose to want to know the information contained in the last call, while others wouldn't.

Thank you all so much!
I saw a trailer for Flight 93 about the plane that crashed in PA. I was bawling. I think it's to soon for me. I know to many people involved and when I drive into the City, I still realize that the Towers aren't part of the skyline. I am still to much a NY'er to be able to listen. I need another 5 years before I can talk or listen w/out crying.
I think I would want to hear them.

There was a lady interviewed, a mother of one of the victims, whose son's tape was released. She was older, very well put together. Until the her last statement of the interview. Her voice broke and she started to cry, it was something she said about him sounding so scared by the end of the call.

I sat on the couch, sobbing. I simply cannot imagine.
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