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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Remember when Mel Gibson was attractive?

Now he sort of looks like he ought to be squatting in some survivalist bunker running a cult that's half political, half religious, with 6,000 children underfoot and some goats. Or maybe this is just a bad picture? Let's hope.

Oh my! Make him blonde and slightly baldish and that could be my husband. I think he owes me about 5, 998 kids...but at least we already have the goats.
oh dear. maybe it's for an upcoming movie? Maybe it's called "When Hot Men Get Hairy." HA HA HA I am so cracking myself up. SO glad you posted that!
I am with you on this one.
I hope that was for some movie, is it just me or does he look a bit like Saddam lol.
Well some men age nicely and some don't. I guess we'll all have to keep pix of Mel from when he was young so our DD's don't wonder if we've lost our minds.

how ya feelin?
Cringe! How awful that looks! I wonder if anyone has dropped a hint, such as leaving a razor around?
Who knows, maybe he's our present day Moses, huh?
I thought it was Saddam Hussein the first time I saw that picture!
Rowan, I'm sure your husband is THE BOMB! But, right or wrong, we hold our celebrities to a weird standard. And since Mel Gibson made his bones in the clean cut 80s, it's startling to see him looking different.

I'm not sure if he's just changing his personal style, or doing this for a movie, either, so it's extra interesting to me....
Aww.. he was once so cute! :( Let's hope it's for a movie.. gotta be...

Well my fantasy for tonight has been dashed!

Thanks Jen for a heaping dose of reality :P

Hope your sister is feeling better, please let her know she's being thought of and she's in my prayers.

Uh, he looks like a member of the Taliban.
What is with the beard?????
Not a good look for him. Not at all.
I really hope that is just a bad picture! But I know he has a ton of kids!!!
Gravity spares no one, but the awful beard doesn't help. It does make him look like Saddam.

Also, for a few years now I've noticed a mad look in his eyes that is creepy to me.
Mad Cow Disease?????
I love Mel Gibson! I think it was just a bad hair (beard?) day!
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