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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Instead of cleaning, like I should be, I'm hanging out listening to Radio DavidByrne and surfing Wikipedia. Does that make me artistic/intellectual or just ineffective? No matter.

I found a neat article on retronyms, or words "coined for an old object or concept whose original name has become used for something else or is no longer unique."

For instance, we didn't call them "brick and mortar stores" until we needed to differentiate them from online stores. Likewise "World War I" and "snail mail."

I just thought that was kind of nifty, and worth passing on. And ANYTHING is better than housework, doncha know...

Wikipedia rocks! I also found a Battlestar Wikipedia site. Battlestar Galactica that's the only current show I watch. I love it.

Happy Tuesday!
Well, at least you are diverting your attention from housework with something interesting & of intellectual value. If you were playing a Playstation game or something, then I'd have to think badly of you.
very interesting! I cracked up at this one:
Known simply as "people" before transport was invented.

"water-activated stamps" is also funny. I've called the self-adhesive ones "the peely kind".
I hear ya girl...I hate housework!
What about Q-Tips? Or do you call them "cotton swabs"?

As well, what about Vaseline? Or do you call that petroleum jelly?

I think those would classify as retronyms because of the advent of consumerism and competition where any body can make those things and give their own name to it, we've just always known what someone was talking about when they said Q-Tip.

Okay now I'm either rambling or babbling, I can't tell which. I need to get back to studying. Don't worry I'll let you know how it all goes ;)

Big hugs!
Hey Jen!~ Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog--you are one interesting chick!

Amanda--who has lots of housework to do, but the kids are happy with Play Doh and I'm on the computer!
I hate housework and I hate accounting, both things I have to do myself but have been putting off ;-)
Artistic/Intellectual, definitely. Housework is so bourgeois.
That IS cool.
Amen to that, Sister!
My Thursday Thirteen is up.
Interesting idea! How about the Senior on the father's name. No need for it until there's a Junior.
Hmm...muy cool. I just looked at the name "Retronym" and for some reason thought of "Metrosexual"...guess I need to get my mind ON housework, but my brain is fried today.

Where's your 13?
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